Episode 61: How breathwork opens the way for loving yourself and achieving clarity with Sabrina Palazzo
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Sabrina discovered breathwork when her life was crumbling all around her. Amid losing loved ones, losing her job and COVID, she knew that breathwork was what she deeply needed, and she immediately felt an intense prompting to share it with others.   Topics we cover: How breathwork differs from meditation How breathwork promotes healing How Sabrina defines healing not as needing to fix ourselves, but as loving ourselves, and healing is loving all parts of ourselves.  How to soften around the thing that you are  hardest on yourself about How can breathwork peel back the conditioning of the mind and really access what within us needs to be loved and integrated Who breathwork is for: hose on the wellness journey, those in business, or honestly anyone who breathes    Follow Sabrina on IG: https://www.instagram.com/sourcemethodbreath/    
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