On this Episode I chat with Jewel Hohman. Jewel is a Brain based life coach based in Michigan. On this episode we chat about why she chose to be a life coach versus a therapist, how she helps her clients become less avoidant & reach their goals and how achieving productivity has been a part of her ultimate glow up! Tune in today!
Published 06/08/21
Published 06/08/21
On this episode I had a super fun time interviewing Bia Javier, a Singer & Song writer from Lawrence,MA who just released her latest project, MOTIONS this past March! Bia is a fire cracker, with an amazing personality and voice to match it ! On this episode we touched upon her journey to pursuing her music career seriously after graduating from Berklee College of Music where she nurtured her talents and built the amazing network of peers. We dive into her creative process and where she...
Published 06/01/21
On this episode I speak with with the Financial Fairy Godmother herself - Jannese Torres- Rodriguez of @yoquierodineropodcast where we learn all about Jannese's dinero/ entrepreneurial glow story and how learning how to own your money will change your life ! We dive right into how Jannese's side hustle as a blogger led her to earn money in her sleep &become financially independent! She has built a community of inspired women who own their money & step into their inner CEO! Tune in 
Published 05/24/21
On this episode I chat with Tasha Randle @realtalktasha, a Career & Inclusion Consultant helping women find and use their authentic voice to get heard and get paid while leveling up their career.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀On this episode we learn about how Tasha's 3 month sabbatical from work provided her with the clarity she needed to tap into her true passions and how she was going to achieve success on her terms and not have to feel so un-authentic at work. She works with women to create an...
Published 05/18/21
On this episode I chat with the owner of Love & Flour in Salem NH, Jaime Manning. We chat about how Jaime built a thriving business as a self taught baker over the years and the challenges she's faced & how showing up as the face of her brand elevated her business and allowed for exponential growth. We also touch upon how the baking community near and far has allowed her to make amazing connections and friendships that even allowed her the opportunity to make custom cookies for Khloe...
Published 05/07/21
On this episode I chat with Erika Cruz, a Tik tok Latina goddess with 176k & counting on the platform. In 2020, Erika mastered Tik tok and was able to turn it to a successful side hustle and ultimately left her job in the tech field to become a full time self discovery coach to latinas! On this episode we chat about how Erika initially got comfortable on Tik tok and discuss some myths about the platform, we also talk about how she was able to start Purpose driven latina group coaching...
Published 04/26/21
On this special two part series we chat with Adriana who shares her story with so much grace, vulnerability and reflection.  We learn about her ability to seek navigate relationships ultimately meeting her husband and now a mother of 3. She has completed her Bachelors degree and runs a successful Facebook community to support single moms called The Sweet Sacrifice (TSS) Adriana's entire story is a glow up, her relentless spirit and loving nature makes me feel like I have known her my entire...
Published 04/19/21
On this special two part series we chat with Adriana who shares her story with so much grace, vulnerability and reflection. Please beware that this episode may contain some triggers regarding abortion, terminating of pregnancy as well as abuse. We learn about her battle with mental health and determination to always continue in school.  We are able to learn how Adriana's experience with pregnancy and motherhood allowed her to persevere through really tough times and ultimately adopting a new...
Published 04/19/21
On this weeks episode we are talking all things natural hair and curls !!!!! I had the pleasure to interview Toriah @hairbytoriahlachell a Boston based certified curl stylist and owner of @thecurlbarboston ! Toriah shares her story in how she accidentally fell into her career and passion for curly hair, gained confidence as a stylist and how she continuously works to perfect her craft and skill set. We bust some curl myths about what causes damage, why we should pair up with a professional to...
Published 03/27/21
On this episode we chat with Farhana Cannon,Founder of iMedia Exposure. On this episode we chat all about how she began her career in marketing ultimately launching her own business. We cover Mindset shifts to help operate with confidence & connect with your ideal clients, her 5 step framework to help businesses launch a brand that attracts & converts their perfect client online,Photoshoot production tips & much more! 
Published 03/01/21
On this weeks episode we have Tu-Hien Le, the Founder of @beaugenmom & Ecommerce Biz Coach ! Tu-hien invented a unique product to help breastfeeding women-the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions! She then grew the company from her dining room to a 7-figure brand in just a few years. She is now coaching other e-commerce business owners & Mompreneurs on how to achieve consistent and sustainable success. We touch upon how she helps other mompreneurs, navigated product development ,bringing her...
Published 02/20/21
On this episode we are chatting with @Jessicajevents a Wedding & Elopement planner based in Maryland.  This episode was so fun to record with Jessica as we navigate her upbringing and how her parents work ethic and hospitality shows through in her business.  We explore how a closed door ultimately led her to start her own business and how she and some peers launched @diversityweddingmagazine to bring gender and racial diversity to the wedding industry as well as how community over...
Published 02/14/21
On this episode we are chatting with the Founder of Meraki Media Management, Caitlin Durning. We talk about how she helps business owners develop their ideal client community online & how she helped get an Instagram account from 18k to 500k in under a month! We also talk about setting up an IG giveaway for success and trending topics for 2021!     
Published 02/08/21
Welcome to Season 3 !! On this episode I speak with Lauren, founder of Moving bravely. Lauren works in Social work by day and is a life transition coach & time structure expert by night. We dive in to talk about how coping with loss in a healthy manner has been an ingredient to her present day glow up.  We talked all about consistent action & the importance of honoring time for yourself  as well as her membership community, Brave ones Club. I hope you enjoy this amazing glow story !
Published 01/31/21
On this season Finale I unpack 2020 from my experience and some lessons I learned along the way. I talk about learning to slow down, how I wanted to leave my job and every time God dragged me back in kicking and screaming all for it to be a blessing in disguise as well as healing from a childhood friendship and so many lil nuggets more !    I will see you all in season 3    xoxo - Elizabeth 
Published 12/31/20
On this episode I chat with Tiffany Giannato a Boston based blogger. Author of ' The Thrill of the Hunt By Tiffy G . Tiffany is a mom, special ed teacher and stylist. Two days before her 40th birthday she started her blog and never looked back! On this episode we talk about why she started her blog, how & why her blog readership appeals to various demographics and how her passion for fashion ignited her styling biz and has landed her magazine column opportunities ! We play a speed round...
Published 12/03/20
On this episode I hang out with pod sis across the country, Cat Del Carmen who is a business coach and the podcast host of Follow that Fear podcast ! We talk alot about messy action and how we can still glow through our imperfections. Cat shares her story of how she started her pod and business and how she ignites the fire under her tribes booty to follow their fears !     
Published 11/21/20
On this episode I chat with Emma Blair the Owner of Cakes by Emma. Emma started her business at 18 years old when she was still in Highschool. On this episode we talk about how she wanted to make her business legitimate and certified right off the bat, how she ignored the naysayers and what keeps her motivated! She covers some challenges shes faced and how when your heart is in it, you should continue to go for it and be proud of yourself!   I hope you all enjoy this episode!    You can check...
Published 11/12/20
On this episode I chat with Katie Diasti, CEO of VivforyourV! She is a marvelous young woman who is passionate about reducing plastic via her bamboo based period products. On this episode we chat about why sustainable period care is safe and effective and the best choice for all women who bleed. Viv for your V has made it a mission to encourage women to embrace their periods and break the stigmas around them! We cover so much great topics in this episode including a few Q's submitted by...
Published 10/31/20
On this episode I chat with Founder of Cool Mom 101 and Rosa Media co., Emily Kiloh.She helps women become more bold and confident via her podcast and coaching program and brands make impact with style, grace and efficiency in her PR company. We dive deep to cover how she stays in touch with her true self while navigating motherhood, why she founded TWO businesses instead of just one and her experience of having an 18 month maternity leave and how this assisted her transition into motherhood...
Published 10/06/20
On this episode I chat with Tausha Sanders, Founder of @HerGrails a community for female sneaker enthusiasts based in Houston, TX! On this episode we cover how she combined her event planning skills with her love for kicks, how she navigated her business re-brand and what is like being a female in a male dominated sphere and so much more!     
Published 09/11/20
On this Episode I chat with the Founders of Inner Glow Circle, Katie and Liv and we talk all about how they built a life coaching business to teach other women to find their purpose, live it & get paid, tips on how to deal with overwhelm while building a biz and how they use acronyms and mantras to connect with their clients and online community and so much more ! 
Published 09/04/20
On this episode I chat with Freelance publicist, Rosa Pruneda the founder of RosaEPR. On this episode we chat about how she began her career as a free lancer, why mentorship is important and her passion for highlighting multicultural voices in the media! Rosa is so delightful and the epitome of hustle and hard work ! I hope you enjoy this episode! 
Published 08/27/20
On todays episode I chat with Jasmyn Sanchez, a public relations & Marketing professional from New York. Jasmyn works as an Account executive for Alison Brod Marketing & communications one of the top public relations firms whose clients include some of our favorite top beauty brands like Urban Decay and Garnier Fructis. On this episode we chat all things nano, micro & macro influencers, whats the difference and what do agencies look for when collaborating with influencers? We also...
Published 08/01/20