Episode 52: How Erika Built A Side Hustle On TikTok & left the Tech industry to Coach Latinas About Self-Discovery
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On this episode I chat with Erika Cruz, a Tik tok Latina goddess with 176k & counting on the platform. In 2020, Erika mastered Tik tok and was able to turn it to a successful side hustle and ultimately left her job in the tech field to become a full time self discovery coach to latinas! On this episode we chat about how Erika initially got comfortable on Tik tok and discuss some myths about the platform, we also talk about how she was able to start Purpose driven latina group coaching program aswell as an online course called Grow on Tik tok ! There is soo much goodness packed into this episode I hope you enjoy !!  If you are interested in enrolling in Erikas Grow on Tik Tok course Glowgetters get a special discount of $50 off use code GLOWUP50 at Check out ! 
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