On this episode I hang out with pod sis across the country, Cat Del Carmen who is a business coach and the podcast host of Follow that Fear podcast ! We talk alot about messy action and how we can still glow through our imperfections. Cat shares her story of how she started her pod and business and how she ignites the fire under her tribes booty to follow their fears !     
Published 11/21/20
On this episode I chat with Emma Blair the Owner of Cakes by Emma. Emma started her business at 18 years old when she was still in Highschool. On this episode we talk about how she wanted to make her business legitimate and certified right off the bat, how she ignored the naysayers and what keeps her motivated! She covers some challenges shes faced and how when your heart is in it, you should continue to go for it and be proud of yourself!   I hope you all enjoy this episode!    You can check...
Published 11/12/20
On this episode I chat with Katie Diasti, CEO of VivforyourV! She is a marvelous young woman who is passionate about reducing plastic via her bamboo based period products. On this episode we chat about why sustainable period care is safe and effective and the best choice for all women who bleed. Viv for your V has made it a mission to encourage women to embrace their periods and break the stigmas around them! We cover so much great topics in this episode including a few Q's submitted by...
Published 10/31/20
On this episode I chat with Founder of Cool Mom 101 and Rosa Media co., Emily Kiloh.She helps women become more bold and confident via her podcast and coaching program and brands make impact with style, grace and efficiency in her PR company. We dive deep to cover how she stays in touch with her true self while navigating motherhood, why she founded TWO businesses instead of just one and her experience of having an 18 month maternity leave and how this assisted her transition into motherhood...
Published 10/06/20
On this episode I chat with Tausha Sanders, Founder of @HerGrails a community for female sneaker enthusiasts based in Houston, TX! On this episode we cover how she combined her event planning skills with her love for kicks, how she navigated her business re-brand and what is like being a female in a male dominated sphere and so much more!     
Published 09/11/20
On this Episode I chat with the Founders of Inner Glow Circle, Katie and Liv and we talk all about how they built a life coaching business to teach other women to find their purpose, live it & get paid, tips on how to deal with overwhelm while building a biz and how they use acronyms and mantras to connect with their clients and online community and so much more ! 
Published 09/04/20
On this episode I chat with Freelance publicist, Rosa Pruneda the founder of RosaEPR. On this episode we chat about how she began her career as a free lancer, why mentorship is important and her passion for highlighting multicultural voices in the media! Rosa is so delightful and the epitome of hustle and hard work ! I hope you enjoy this episode! 
Published 08/27/20
On todays episode I chat with Jasmyn Sanchez, a public relations & Marketing professional from New York. Jasmyn works as an Account executive for Alison Brod Marketing & communications one of the top public relations firms whose clients include some of our favorite top beauty brands like Urban Decay and Garnier Fructis. On this episode we chat all things nano, micro & macro influencers, whats the difference and what do agencies look for when collaborating with influencers? We also...
Published 08/01/20
On this episode I chat with a childhood friend Paola De La Calle, a Colombian-American interdisciplinary artist whose work examines home, borders, identity, and nostalgia. We talk on this episode about what its like calling yourself an 'artist'.Why finding and building a community is important. We talk about building time for exploration in your work and being okay with making bad pieces and how to tap into multiple passions! Loved doing this piece, I hope you all enjoy as well...
Published 06/27/20
On this episode I chat with  Sylvia Banderas Coffinet who is the Publisher and Chief Brand Officer at Hola! Usa magazine.On this episode we talk about her career and how it has been navigating the publishing world as a Latina woman! We have the chance to talk about what keeps her motivated day in and day out⁣, Why trying to balance it ALL is unrealistic and what she believes and implements in her life. ⁣How being your authentic self is your super power ⁣and how you can't let your...
Published 06/12/20
On this episode I chat with @amberromaniuk Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert and the Host of the The No Sugarcoating Podcast! Amber overcame her own emotional eating & battle with binging about 8 years ago and we talked about on this episode resonated deeply with me and there is so much great nuggets in this episode like What is emotional eating ? and How to avoid guilt after emotional eating/ or binging.Why the gym isn't always the answer, and how focusing on your hormones...
Published 05/30/20
On this episode I chat with Pilar Tucker, a therapist, doctoral candidate and the Founder of Empower Our Crown. Empower Our Crown LLC  is an organization that aims to build and transform communities of color through provision of empowerment workshops, leadership and educational trainings, mental health and wellness practices and proactive engagement in the community. We talk about the importance of self care and why it is important for women  to take care of our mental health and wellness as...
Published 05/22/20
When was the last time you projected doubt onto someone? It might be happening more than you thought! On this episode I dive right into some recent instances in my personal life where I caught myself very aggressively projecting doubt onto those closest to me. While this has been an eye opener it has helped me become more in tune with the words and the thoughts I share and working on how to project positive affirmations onto others instead. 
Published 05/15/20
On this episode Jaime Brown, the Co founder of Swedish Jealousy and blogger for Lipstickandrozay.com we learn that she is a go getter who wanted to create a lipstick brand with her bestie that would that would suit all skin tones and has grown a love for writing while being a Rose wine aficionado. Jaime has her hands in a lot of projects but she always finds a way to keep on learning and flexing her entrepreneurial muscles. On this episode you will learn more about how engaging and sliding...
Published 05/08/20
I did it ! Finally a solo episode to let you all get to know me a little better and my story, shed a little light on my Glow story and how I'm working towards it and why I started this podcast ! Doing a solo episode is completely out of my comfort zone so I really pushed myself on this because doing interviews is my jam. On this episode I talk about finding out I was pregnant at 22 ,coming into motherhood, grappling with identity as a new mom and why I started this podcast !   
Published 05/01/20
On this episode I chat with the CEO's and Founders of the @girlfriendsBoston community May and Ana!    These two young women decided to join forces and create a fun and easy way for young millennial women to make friends, build connections and network ! It was so fun to talk with these two ladies, three take aways from this episode were the importance of building community with like minded women and build genuine connections, How to make 'making friends' less intimidating , Juggling event...
Published 04/27/20
On this weeks episode I Chat with Deniz Sehovic of the @girlsguide.co, a platform for female entrepreneurs that are looking to scale their business with intention. @girlsguide.co provides business growth resources and provides them action oriented content! ⁣⁣Three take aways from this episode: ⁣⁣-How can I stop procrastinating and just Do !? ⁣⁣-Some valuable ways to create authentic community online⁣⁣-Ways to repurpose content to design your feed with ease ⁣⁣& so much more ! ⁣⁣
Published 04/18/20
On this episode we chat with Nedhi the face behind Legally Brown xoxo:a beauty, fashion and law brand that she created by combining all three of her passions. On this episode we chat about her journey to reach her present day glow up, as she navigates being a paralegal by day and a law student by night and a content creator on the weekends! We also chat about why age and societal pressures should never have anything to do with reaching your goals and so much more !  Tune in ! 
Published 04/12/20
On this episode I hang out with Author & Founder of We Build Killer Teams, Alex Carmeli. We chat about her leaving her job to pursue a career as a coach to support leaders in building teams that are effective and powerful and that will show up for more than a pay check! We dive into her  choosing to write her first book: 'Teach your ducklings to fly' available on Amazon in as little as a month and what her process was like and so much more !  
Published 04/06/20
Hello all ! On this episode I talk with Break up Coach Dorothy who works with women to turn their heart ache into happy and pain into power! Coach Dorothy shares with us her personal story with heart break and how she became a break up coach herself. She dives deep telling us the three secrets to get over your ex and why time has nothing to do with it ! Whether you are navigating heart break presently or not this episode is loaded to the brim with great advice and actions to help you thrive...
Published 03/28/20
On this episode I talk with Morgan who is the creator and president of Fancy Fanny an apparel and party favor business that operates online. Two years ago, Morgan started making her crafts and posting them on Etsy as a small online shop. Fast forward to this year and Fancy Fanny has been purchased by thousands for all events ranging from Father's day to Sassy bachelorette parties, was featured on the Today Show in February and is still actively expanding! Morgan talks to us about her glowing...
Published 03/22/20
⁣⁣On this episode Linda and I talk about her journey to Self love and loving the body that she is in, while encouraging others to do the same. Linda spreads body positivity like its f*****g glitter!!!  On this episode we also talk about dating as a plus size woman and how it is often times fetishized and Fatphobia in our society .⁣⁣⁣Three take aways from this episode: ⁣⁣- self love isn't a goal but a mindset, there is no finish line!⁣- Loving the body you are in no matter what society...
Published 03/15/20
Welcome back ! On this episode Katie and I reunite to talk about love and relationships with a special touch - Listener submitted questions ! On this episode we set aside the love addiction aspect of things and dive into the nitty gritty of love and relationships . Touching upon topics like : communicating about your past when dating - is it necessary?, Attachment in relationships and making distance work and so much more !  To learn more about Katie you can find her on Instagram :...
Published 02/26/20
On this two part episode with Zuhaly of @dinerochronicles we go through some listener questions.  Questions getting tackled in this episode: Student loan debt, should you pay it off fast or take your time ? percentage of our income should we really be spending on rent ? Focus on saving or aggressively pay down debt ? and so much more !    Tune in ! 
Published 02/20/20
On this episode I chat with Zuhaly of the Dinero Chronicles. Last year, Zuhaly decided that she was not happy with the way she was managing her money and noticed a gap in financial literacy, specifically in the latino community and this is when the Dinero chronicles was born ! We talk about budgeting tactics, why  budgeting is so important when you are young and the importance of saving your money in an organized and automated manner! Tune in next week while Zuhaly answers some listener...
Published 02/13/20