The Tongue Tie Episode
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To revise or not to revise? Tongue ties and newborns just go together, right? Is this condition over diagnosed, or not? And what are the reasons to revise or leave the baby’s mouth intact? I share my experience and my own questions and really just encourage you to dig deeper on this one.
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We typically know what kind of interruptions there are to the hormonal or physical process of birth; but when we consider birth to be a ceremony, what are some things that can interfere?
Published 08/07/22
Published 08/07/22
This was such a fun chat! We started off with more of an interview of Blyss and then quickly found our kindred spirit midwife selves and had loads to talk about; from licensing to fear and even death. Listen in as this wise woman shares more about herself, her journey and her new projects. Lear...
Published 07/31/22