After a lengthy update on our Indie Birth Institute, I get to have a fun chat with myself about twins! I am fascinated by 2 babies growing in one human at once; and I share my own experiences, stories and even some myths around why I think twin mamas are treated so differently. Is there a big deal? What considerations are needed by mama/midwife with a twin pregnancy and birth?
Published 05/19/22
I’m all about women birthing in their power, so who’s telling who what they need or don’t need? In this podcast, I give a brief update on the ever-manifesting birth place/center that we’re working on (we’re calling it the Indie Birth Midwifery Institute) and then I launch into embellishing a recent Instagram post I did on social media selling the idea that no one needs knowledge to birth. True or nor true? As per usual, I don’t think it’s that black and white and I’m here to share my...
Published 05/09/22
Published 05/09/22
Here it is: 12 minutes that we are asking you to please listen to, and share far and wide. We do not know WHO this vision will resonate with, or what will come in to make this a reality. In this podcast, I outline the what, where, why and how about this important and massive mission/vision that we know will change the world.
Published 04/28/22
In this podcast, I talk about creating the bubble of energy and vibration that feels important to me as the midwife when waiting on mama’s to birth. We end up separating ourselves in a way from “normal” life, much like a pregnant mama does at the end of her pregnancy. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Published 04/17/22
Margo and I get to chat about this complex topic, thanks to an Instagram comment recently and the fact that many/most people do not really understand the true value of a midwife. What is it, anyway? Is a midwife there to prevent death or to help enhance the woman’s experience? Maybe it’s all or none of those things. Let us know your thoughts so that we can get more clear on explaining these nuances.
Published 03/27/22
This is a question all women should be asking when interviewing a doula or midwife AND a question that all midwives and doulas should be asking when conducting consultations! Either way, this is an equal-opportunity relationship and the consultation is the most important first meeting that will determine which course a pregnancy and birth takes, and with whom! I have learned a lot about this over the last 15 years but it’s still a fascinating process that I enjoy engaging in and getting...
Published 03/13/22
I’m back on the Mothering series to talk about why and how we raise magical children. What is being magical and how can we support this natural state in our kids? I share some stories of our own family living these beliefs and philosophies. I hope this inspires you to raise more magical children!
Published 03/07/22
It’s been said that women get into birth work because they care about women, babies or birth; one usually more than the other! I reflect back on my path so far and how I got called to midwifery, and also how my “why” has changed and shifted over the years doing this work. What is your “why”?
Published 02/20/22
What makes Indie Birth unique and special in the birth world? I want to tell you, since the energy behind our work, classes, school and more is the guiding force in our success and what we put out in the world. May you be inspired to follow your own path, access your freedom and share your own rockin’ brilliance in the world with whoever resonates. Download the Podcast Transcript
Published 02/06/22
After a brief update, I rant for a bit about the low standard that our world, and most women, seem to have for their pregnancy and birth experience. Whether it’s hospital based, home based or a dogmatic freebirth, it seems to me that women need to want more for themselves first. Otherwise, we just take whatever else someone tells us we should do and it isn’t questioned because we become desperate to have approval from one extreme or another. Birth isn’t about being in a club or needing a...
Published 01/24/22
200 podcasts plus and no mention of sex or intimacy ’til now! That says a lot I think, but I’m here with this one to remedy it all by sharing my experience. This is especially for breastfeeding mamas of young kids, and includes ideas and resources for creating intimacy with yourself which I think is step number 1. I’d love to hear your thoughts and responses! Resources: Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent My friend Devon at Inner Spark: https://innerspark.life My friend Stacey:...
Published 01/09/22
Welcome 2022! This is a new year, a new chance to set intention and create a working routine for yourself that promotes growth and abundance. My routine isn’t the most exciting, but people ask from time to time how I take care of myself while also taking care of 10 kids + clients, and so here it is. (And for the record, bubble baths might be part of your self care, but I’m interested in the deeper, less superficial ways that we give ourselves the attention we need to thrive.)
Published 01/02/22
Yep, a shameless plug for doing a virtual prenatal or mentorship visit with me! But really; it was time to just blab about the options and how these visits can look and who they are for, since people are always asking. I cover the basic questions you might have; from how it works, to virtual birth support to the way I like to work and how this might benefit you. Take a listen, and pass it on to someone you know who might love this support. If you’re interested in next steps, here’s the...
Published 12/27/21
For years people have asked me; “are you going to have more?”, and I have also asked myself this many times too. I do eventually offer my two cents around this topic; including some thoughts about spirit baby communication. But first, a Solstice energy round up and a quick Tarot reading.
Published 12/20/21
This is a 2 for 1 episode as I explain what midwitchery means to me, and also what “metaphysical midwifery” is and how I see it. Each midwife is responsible for creating her own offerings as she sees fit, and these are the structures and beliefs mine are based on. “Metaphysical” means beyond the physical, and I encourage every student midwife/midwife and also all the pregnant mamas to figure out where they’d like to be on this spectrum. It’s time to redream midwifery!!
Published 12/12/21
Ok, not ALL the things. But here’s a 40 minute ramble about SOME of the things that people often don’t think about when they hit a wall with breastfeeding; whether it’s low milk supply or failure to thrive or any of the ways that nursing can feel hard. This list is not exhaustive, but I hope gives you some areas to focus on or talk about prior to birth; whether you are a doula or birth worker or even a first time mama. We were MADE to feed our babies; so what are we missing?
Published 11/30/21
This was QUITE a ramble! It starts with a Rumi poem and then a trip down the rabbit hole of self-love and REALLY TRULY BEING who you are and seeing it! Whether it’s because you are a midwife/doula/birthing woman or not, the female energy of total love and acceptance for ourselves is needed NOW. Check out our Magical Women Weekend Retreat at indiebirth.org/retreat.
Published 11/21/21
Today’s Amelia’s 19th birthday! How did this tiny 6 pound baby become this beautiful, smart and funny woman? I can’t take too much credit, but I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from her about the joys of being homeschooled, how it’s been to witness births and the oldest of 10 kids…plus more “randomness” that she shares. You can find Amelia’s photography on Instagram at @ameliagrayphotography and also her website ameliagray.net. Sign-up for her monthly Photo Journal and take a look at her new...
Published 11/14/21
Yes, it’s one year! Both the longest and shortest year of my life, and by far my most life-altering birth experience. First I share some updates but in typical stream of consciousness style, weave in the lessons and beauty of this day one year ago. Happy Birthday Rumi Sol! (His birth story is here: https://indiebirth.org/rumisol)
Published 11/07/21
Whether “death” is emotional or spiritual or even feels physical, what is the role of the death process when we are in the birth process? Thanks to a listener’s email, I offer you some thoughts around this topic at the darkest time of year. Download This Podcast Transcript
Published 10/31/21
The tide has turned! I have been challenged with my own physical process lately (and really since Rumi’s birth!) and I’m beginning to see how this relates to my role as a midwife. Gosh, life is funny! Just when you think you have something figured out, the Universe shows up point you in a different direction. In this podcast, I explore this issue of “vision” and how midwifing lately is so firmly rooted in the physical body. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Published 10/24/21
Yeah, taking back birth is still the theme! On this one, I share some ethereal stuff as an intro and then get into some nuts and bolts about Kentucky midwifery licensing as I understand it. Ultimately, it’s not a topic that I want to blab on and on about but basic awareness allows me to understand better where the birthing women here are at. Finally, I share our birth retreat center vision with you all….again!
Published 10/17/21
And what I love about them, too! This was a list I started in my journal after some intense birth attending experiences. My list reflects the crazy nature of being an on call midwife, and is directly related to my own processing and emotional health. I will never “hate” birth, but there are some real things that I don’t love about attending them! And there are still so many parts that I truly do love.
Published 10/12/21
Ok folks, some lessons coming in as I get back to birth attending! Listen in to 5 things I’ve learned or discovered lately.
Published 09/10/21