In this podcast, I reflect on the old and new ways that midwifery is broken. With our new Elevate program, we seek to create a new consciousness. Check it out, registration closes this week! https://indiebirth.org/elevate
Published 03/13/23
Published 03/13/23
So fun to have my friend Bridget back on my podcast after many years! In this chat, Bridget shares her insightful and humble self-directed journey from vegan expert to someone that’s embraced animal products and ancestral foods in the last few years. I loved talking about the power of our blood, reciprocity and hearing more from her experience of long-time veganism and the positive changes animal products have made in her life and experience. This is Bridget’s podcast with me from 2017...
Published 02/27/23
There are many ways and reasons that midwives are taught, and continue to do, really weird things. I want to share more about some of the reasons behind this all, as well as using some of the weird things rarely and in a sacred nature! All of this and more will be covered and supported in our new Elevate program for practicing midwives; get on the list now, because we will open enrollment March 1 and begin the program March 21 or so. Hope you enjoy this look at weird things! Our new...
Published 02/13/23
I’m back for what might be a long awaited Mothering episode! Someone asked me recently to talk about how we handle money and chores and all that in my house. So tune in if you are curious about it all; beliefs around money, how we approach jobs and working and what we pay (and don’t pay) our kids to do around our home and property.
Published 01/29/23
The new paradigm is such that we MUST use our discretion and our internal compass to know what, who, why or when is right (or not right for us). Gone are the days of “I work with every single woman that comes my way” unless someone chooses to be there or needs to learn those lessons. In life in general for me, this is my mantra: If it’s not a yes, it’s a no!
Published 01/03/23
With the darkness coming to an end, we release that which does not serve. And heading into the light, we can have appreciation for it and imagine what we will create! Come with me on this journey through my last year; the highlights and low points and lessons. Perhaps it will inspire you to do your own year in review so that you are clear to move ahead this coming year. Blessings to all.
Published 12/18/22
A short channeled podcast about the sacred space that is created within us AFTER birth and how if we could just honor that, our world would change.
Published 12/12/22
A more recent review of what is in my prenatal and birth bags nowadays! Most of the items I carry are pretty standard (outside of the fun stuff for prenatals!), but I thought that this might inspire questions or thoughts especially for those students that are putting together equipment and tools for themselves.
Published 12/05/22
The last few years have changed ALL of us. This is not an exhaustive list but just a peek into the ways I’ve been altered in my own life, and how these differences have rippled out to the way I embody the role of midwife. Change is good, and I am always excited to see how this continues to evolve for me. I also encourage all women, all birth workers to embrace change and continually question, both inside and out.
Published 11/28/22
I’m releasing this as a public podcast for all if you’d love to be a fly on the wall and hear the beliefs about birth that I share for women here locally that are curious about midwifery care. It feels good to just get it out there, one again, in this present version, so that women can listen and take the steps that feel right to them towards the midwifery care that resonates. This is part of my pre-consultation process; I ask women to listen to this and read other information and then...
Published 11/21/22
What a deep, dark internal time it’s been! Sharing all the happenings, inside and out that have been going on seasonally and personally. And it’s related to birth because this idea of being present and non-attached manifested this week for me in midwife role and I wanted to share all about that. What do you think about this idea of leaving everything (energetically) behind when attending a birth? Do you think it affects the overall experience of the mother? I am interested in hearing your...
Published 11/13/22
Margo and I recorded this New Moon zoom all about the darker parts of pregnancy and birth and the role we serve in as midwives. Listen in as we share stories, and talk about the tools and ways we hold the mirror for the women we serve in this way. We talk about miscarriage and loss, spirit babies, and other sometimes-rarely-spoken-about topics that come up when we allow the shadow to surface.
Published 10/28/22
I loved having this chat and story time with Qiddist, who is a beautiful and radical woman doing amazing work in the world. “Womb stories”, to us, are really ALL women’s stories, and I appreciate the myriad of topics we touched on together in this time and space. You can find Qiddist at: https://thewombroom.co
Published 10/02/22
What a beautiful woman Denell is! After a cervical diagnosis, she found her way to wellness and true inner health by following the lead of her cervix. Denell is a wealth of information and inspiration and I know you will leave this chat feeling powerful and with lots of lightbulbs going off. Find Denell at: https://cervicalwellness.com A special gift to our listeners! Enjoy 25% of Denell’s course Cervical Wellness Online (Evergreen) with coupon code CW25GIFT
Published 09/23/22
I LOVED having this chat with Lindsey, a revolutionary, kick-ass woman who found her truth and life mission through learning and teaching about the nervous system. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but we talked about the role of the nervous system in hormone production, birth and in common “issues” like anxiety. Lindsey is a total soul sister and I hope you are so inspired by her wisdom. Find her at: https://lindseylockett.com
Published 09/03/22
I am so honored to talk with Sacha; a magical woman and the very first family I served as a midwife here in Kentucky. I love how “difficult” birth stories can be transformed into wisdom for everyone, and Aurora’s earthside entrance is no exception! Listen to this story of connection, separation and healing and let us know what you think. Connect with Sacha here: https://birthoftheearth.us
Published 08/28/22
We know that birth and sex are related, but how?! This is such a great chat with my friend Stacey, who is a Somatic Sex Educator, a doula, a homebirth mama and more. We talk about pleasure and asking for what we want and Stacey shares some of her own challenges through pregnancy, and mothering. Learn more about Stacey here.
Published 08/21/22
We typically know what kind of interruptions there are to the hormonal or physical process of birth; but when we consider birth to be a ceremony, what are some things that can interfere?
Published 08/07/22
This was such a fun chat! We started off with more of an interview of Blyss and then quickly found our kindred spirit midwife selves and had loads to talk about; from licensing to fear and even death. Listen in as this wise woman shares more about herself, her journey and her new projects. Lear more about her at https://www.birthingblyss.com.
Published 07/31/22
The star seeds have been talking to me. Many of them feel that they need to be solidly invited with a blessing to incarnate on this Earth! I hope you enjoy the short visualization and blessing to connect with and welcome your spirit baby.
Published 07/24/22
Here’s a short podcast of me reading a blog post from about 5 years back, “The Time Has Come For Women to Stand and Speak.” Link to the blog post: https://indiebirth.org/time-come-women-stand-speak/.
Published 07/14/22
To revise or not to revise? Tongue ties and newborns just go together, right? Is this condition over diagnosed, or not? And what are the reasons to revise or leave the baby’s mouth intact? I share my experience and my own questions and really just encourage you to dig deeper on this one.
Published 07/03/22
It’s a big one! But first…I almost can’t believe I wanted to talk about the recent “reproductive rights” news, but yet I could not hold back and needed to speak my truth. So, listen at your own risk! Then, it’s on to more controversial stuff as I share how and why I am giving back the CPM credential. It is time for me to move forward in all of my integrity, and I realized humbly that this piece does not fit me any longer.
Published 06/27/22
Yes, our massive, beautiful vision is re-named, with a more solid Vision and mission! I am so excited to share with you why we made these changes, as well as the words themselves which are very powerful. Visit the Indie Birth Sanctuary here.
Published 06/19/22