From Long Time Veganism to Ancestral Foods with Bridget Nielsen
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So fun to have my friend Bridget back on my podcast after many years! In this chat, Bridget shares her insightful and humble self-directed journey from vegan expert to someone that’s embraced animal products and ancestral foods in the last few years. I loved talking about the power of our blood, reciprocity and hearing more from her experience of long-time veganism and the positive changes animal products have made in her life and experience. This is Bridget’s podcast with me from 2017 about vegan nutrition. Get in touch with Bridget here:
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Published 05/21/23
In this podcast, I wanted to riff on a recent post/blog I made about birth not being something you order up like cabinets. I go into a LOT more detail and expand on this idea with what I feel we CAN and CANNOT influence. Ultimately, we don’t get to choose life or death for another soul and I...
Published 05/21/23
I have breastfed 10 babies and (still going) have learned a lot about nursing beyond the baby and infant time. Tune in to learn about Magical Mama membership and my experience around nursing older babies and kids.
Published 04/10/23