w/guests Vanessa Ferlito (Tina Francesco) and Bob Shaw (Sopranos Production Designer)
Published 07/19/21
w/guest Ricky Gervais
Published 07/12/21
w/guest Dania Ramirez (Blanca Selgado)
Published 07/05/21
w/guest guest Toni Kalem (Angie Bonpensiero)
Published 06/28/21
w/Oscar nominated director Peter Bogdanovich (Dr Elliot Kupferberg) and Marianne Leone (Joanne Moltisanti)
Published 06/21/21
w/Sopranos Ex Producer & Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner
Published 06/14/21
w/guests Richard Portnow (Attorney Melvoin) and Suzanne Shepherd (Mary DeAngelis)
Published 06/07/21
w/guest Alec Baldwin (Celebrity Superfan)
Published 05/31/21
w/guests Leslie Rae Bega (Valentina La Paz) and Joe Lisi (Dick Barone).
Published 05/24/21
w/guest Steven Van Zandt (Silvio Dante)
Published 05/17/21
w/guests Paul Schulze (Father Phil Intintola) and Jason Minter (Sopranos locations manager / David Chase’s assistant).
Published 05/10/21
w/guest Maureen Van Zandt (Gabriella Dante)
Published 05/03/21
w/guest Todd A. Kessler (Writer/Producer)
Published 04/26/21
w/guests Matt Del Negro (Brian Cammarata) and Chris Caldovino (Billy Leotardo)
Published 04/19/21
w/guests Oksana Lada (Irina Peltsin) and Carl Capotorto (Little Paulie Germani)
Published 04/12/21
w/guest Will Janowitz (Finn DeTrolio)
Published 04/05/21
w/guest Frankie Valli (Rusty Millio)
Published 03/29/21
Published 03/22/21
w/guest Peter Riegert (Assemblyman Zellman)
Published 03/15/21
w/guests Alla Kliouka (Svetlana Kirilenko) and Robert Funaro (Eugene Pontecorvo).
Published 03/08/21
w/guests Al Sapienza (Mikey Palmice) and Dan Grimaldi (Philly and Patsy Parisi).
Published 03/01/21
w/guests Angelo Massagli (Bobby Baccalieri III) & Arthur J. Nascarella (Carlo Gervasi).
Published 02/22/21
w/Pete Davidson (Celebrity Super Fan)
Published 02/15/21
w/guest Jack Bender (Director)
Published 02/08/21
It’s FBI day on Talking Sopranos w/guests Lola Glaudini (Agent Ciccerone) and Matt Servitto (Agent Harris).
Published 02/01/21