Bava Kamma 26: When the Logic Doesn't Apply
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More on kal va-chomer logic, and several apparently relevant examples (of damages) when it is not applied. Plus, a new mishnah - and how a person is always responsible for the damage he or she causes.
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The decree of the marketplace - takanat ha-shuk. Where something stolen in the marketplace leads to ye'ush (despair) and new ownership, and difficulty in requiring payback by the new owner to the original owner. Also, a new mishnah - when one has a barrel of wine and another has a barrel of...
Published 02/25/24
A case of a Jew who is excommunicated because he's caused harm to another Jew, but via a non-Jew: selling a field that borders the property of Jew to a non-Jew. Plus, bees! And what happens when an aviary is on the border of one's property. Also, the Gemara's read of the mishnah's case of the...
Published 02/24/24
Published 02/24/24