Bava Kamma 27: Left Objects
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The seocnd perek closes with a series of outlandish accidents that try to help define the parameters of liability. The third perek begins with a Mishnah discussing what happens if someone leaves an object in a reshut harabim.
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4 mishnayot: Paying back an original owner should not take place in a deserted area. And: does one have to pay when one can claim ignorance of a need to pay back (certainty vs. unsure bring relevant). And: Stealing a lamb from a flock and returning it before anything happens to it - what happens...
Published 02/28/24
Published 02/28/24
Case reports and the rabbis' rulings: what happens when one Jew turns in another Jew to the authorities (specifically, objects). [Who's Who: Rav Kahana] A story: one who wants to show another's straw to the authorities, against better advice, and pays for that intent with his life. Which leads to...
Published 02/27/24