Bava Kamma 114: Go Tell the Bees That They Are Home
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A case of a Jew who is excommunicated because he's caused harm to another Jew, but via a non-Jew: selling a field that borders the property of Jew to a non-Jew. Plus, bees! And what happens when an aviary is on the border of one's property. Also, the Gemara's read of the mishnah's case of the bees. And to what extent casual conversation may count as testimony. And a second mishnah: When you see your stuff in someone else's possession. To what extent is robbery an issue in the place? That will determine whether the current owner needs to swear that he didn't steal them.
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Establishing ona'ah at pricing that is a sixth over the value - with that time frame to consult and complain as temporary recourse. When is the sale considered final? Is that time limit really necessary? Also, once there's fraud, does it matter how extreme the fraud is? (Yes) Or how long the...
Published 04/18/24
Published 04/18/24
Reneging on a verbal commitment toward a sale - illustrative stories. Also, a new mishnah! On "ona'ah" - cases of taking advantage of another in a measurable way that is already determined to be problematic. Plus, terms whereby a customer can walk back terms that smack of ona'ah.
Published 04/17/24