Bava Metzia 50: Fraud at a Sixth
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Establishing ona'ah at pricing that is a sixth over the value - with that time frame to consult and complain as temporary recourse. When is the sale considered final? Is that time limit really necessary? Also, once there's fraud, does it matter how extreme the fraud is? (Yes) Or how long the deadline really is? A close reading of the mishnah helps explain the overcharge.
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3 mishnayot! 1 - If one rents a cow to plow a mountain, but plows in a valley... how does that difference (and the reverse) make a difference in terms of liability? 2 - Renting a donkey to transport wheat, but barley is transported instead - and how either weight or volume may make a difference...
Published 05/18/24
Published 05/18/24
If a rented donkey dies midway through the journey, the renter pays a partial fee, and complains about the experience. But what if that donkey can be replaced? Plus, what if a donkey is rented for a man to ride, but a woman rides? She's considered heavier on the donkey... Also, renting a boat...
Published 05/17/24