Squid Tentacles And Chicken Feet
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Should aspiring chefs go to culinary school? How do you ask for a raise when you’re earning less than minimum wage? What's 'the mandatory fourteen'? Braden Chong and David Schwartz are young cooks sweating out long, back-breaking days. And they...
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Three generations of cooks — a former ego-driven chef turned recruiter, a recent cooking school grad who's fed up with low rates, and a workaholic "lifer" who trains and mentors young cooks — sit down with host Corey Mintz to speak candidly about...
Published 08/15/18
Published 08/15/18
Are over-the-top food trends trumping taste? Should restaurants accommodate their customers, even when it means making their food worse?  Host joins buds David Ginsberg, , and Monte Wan, to talk trends, taste, and the challenge of serving up...
Published 08/01/18