Ep. 28 - Variable Vocations, Villains and Viral Trends
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It's here. A little late, sure, but still here nonetheles. 'It' being episode 28 of The 33% Majority, if you weren't sure. In this week’s episode, your 3 podmen will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing lucrative side-hustles (spoiler alert, none of them will make you money), the greatest villains that the silver screen has to offer, and how to manufacture a viral trend, respectively. Also, we're on our knees here, kissing your feet and begging for your support. If you like this dumb podcast, please do all the things to help that pesky algorithm see us. You could share this episode with a friend, family member, colleague, or even a pet (so long as they have access to a streaming platform). Otherwise, just subscribe, maybe leave a review too? We love you. Thank you.
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