Ep. 29 - Records, Relativity and Really Useful Tips
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It's here. Not on time, but certainly not a day late like last time, TOM. 'It' being episode 29 of The 33% Majority, if you weren't sure. In this week’s episode, your 3 radio fellows will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing 33% Majority world record attempts, how old we all are (Ash, of course, being the most oldest), and how to hack life, respectively. And, as per, please do clicks on buttons that say 'Subscribe', or 'Review', or 'Follow' etc, etc... Interactions help us, but also, so does word of mouth (that's where your mouth says things about us to other people), so if you could do any or the aforementioned stuff, well that'd be swell. I love you. Yes, you! I love you. 
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Published 12/22/21
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