Ep. 15 - Bad Parenting and Belated Birthday Bullying
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This is the 15th episode of your favourite bad podcast, The 33% Majority. In this week’s episode, your Birthday boy host (Ash) will spend his 15 minutes of fame discussing yet another load of weird and wild ‘Am I The A*****e?’ submissions, whilst the other 66.66% of the group (Alex and Tom) will spend their allotted time deep diving into Ashley’s entire segment history. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.
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Well. It seems we've become even worse than our previous levels of mediocrity. We're sorry episode 35 of The 33% Majority took so long to get to your kind ear holes. In this week’s episode, your 3 favourite festive fellows will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing the things we judge at...
Published 12/22/21
Published 12/22/21
2 episodes in the space of a few days, how lucky are you? Rhetorical as that question might seem, the answer is 'not very'.  In this episode of 'The People's Favourite' podcast (The 50% Majority), Tom isn't in it, so your 2 'A' boys will be taking the stage. However, we must warn you... Alex and...
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