This week Chris and Dave discuss data retention, manufacturing data generation, moving labs (and homes), and the joys of real estate.
Published 06/07/21
Pete Staples of Blue Clover Devices joins Chris to talk about manufacturing and how to automate and standardize device programming and testing. Blue Clover uses their experience manufacturing in China to develop a general purpose production test tool
Published 06/02/21
Dave and Chris discuss part library strategies, repairing equipment, electric vehicles, corporate buyouts, IoT teardowns, and more!
Published 05/24/21
Jan Rychter, creator of PartsBox, talks with Chris about how to manage a personal library of components. This can help to save money, run a small manufacturing business, keep track of parts, reduce waste, and more!
Published 05/17/21
Chris returns from paternity leave to more mayhem in the semiconductor supply chain. Dave jokingly doesn't believe that it's happening when he can't find parts out on a distributor website.
Published 05/10/21
Dave talks with Fran Blanche about, well, everything including her theory on the space time continuum! 00:00 - Fran Blanche 02:00 - Fob watches 04:30 - Solar power and grids 08:00 - Green Power 11:10 - Fran Lab 14:00 - Commercial and mixed use buildings 16:30 - Youtube 17:15 - GoFundMe 19:30 - Woodworking shop & Storage 23:20 - Alan Bean paintings 26:40 - Next video 29:20 - Philly Lockdowns 35:25 - IEEE 36:40 - Engineering Groups 37:40 - Freemasons 39:15 - Engineering...
Published 05/05/21
Dave talks with the king of trashy youtube channels, Big Clive! http://bigclive.com/ Big Clive Live  All about running the trashiest channel on youtube His production and editing style The amazing technology in professional studio lighting COB LED arrays Laser LED headlights Are products designed to fail? The long life Dubai lamp Blue LED's Failing Tesla LCD screen Dodgy LCD connectors Trying to generate ozone using a ceramic capacitor Capacitor...
Published 04/26/21
Bruce Simpson from the Xjet Youtube channel joins Dave to discuss RC aircraft and creating an international incident by developing a DIY cruise missle! He runs the world's longest running blog website! He's on Twitter Pulsejet vs Xjet technology A visit from the New Zealand intelligence agency V1 vs V2 German missle technology Using electrostatic gradient and thermal grading for maintaining altitude Tricopters What keeps a quadcopter in the air? CAA in NZ trying to...
Published 04/12/21
Akbar Dhanaliwala, Founder and CEO of Lager Data, joins Chris to talk about building out firmware testing infrastructure. His experiences deploying software to devices in the field or being manufactured in China inspired the Lager Gateway and platform.
Published 04/06/21
This week Dave and Chris discuss the value of a schematic, how chip fabs recover from shutdowns, getting started projects, 3D printing with resin, operating systems and much more!
Published 03/28/21
Sammy Cheung, CEO of Efinix, joins Chris to talk about FPGAs. They discuss designing reconfigurable devices into products that do not traditionally have FPGAs, but will benefit from enhanced capabilities like Computer Vision.
Published 03/22/21
This week Dave and Chris talk about putting firmware onto devices (or not), computer history, Silicon Valley, cabling and extraterrestrial flight.
Published 03/14/21
Joel Dunsmore is a Keysight Fellow, an engineer who worked on the HP 8753, and the author of The Microwave Component Measurement handbook. He joins Chris to explain VNAs, the increasing need for multi-port systems, and how to work in an increasingly complex RF world.
Published 03/08/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss various product recalls and the terror that recalls instill into engineers. Also mars rovers, shuttered retail, high accuracy voltmeters, power outages, and more!
Published 03/01/21
Natasha Baker, Founder and CEO of SnapEDA, joins Chris to talk about footprints, symbols and other engineering content that helps designers create useful, correct circuit boards. They discuss the chip industry and how the information around it is changing.
Published 02/22/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss chip shortages, electronics consulting, Raspberry Pi silicon, PCB renders, new coding languages and much more!
Published 02/16/21
James Adams, Liam Fraser and Luke Wren of Raspberry Pi Trading join Chris to talk about new hardware from Raspberry Pi, including the RP2040 chip, the Pico board, the CM4 module and more!
Published 02/08/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss a wide range of new equipment, including soldering irons, USB scopes, active loads, and retrofitted DMMs. Also discussion around new boards and chips from Raspberry Pi and Seeed.
Published 02/01/21
Matt Liberty, creator of the Joulescope, joins Chris to talk about measuring current in low power devices, including IoT devices that have high current RF pulses. Matt explains how to optimize low power designs and how he created the Joulescope.
Published 01/25/21
Jonathan Beri of Golioth joins Chris to talk about the difficulty of standing up an end-to-end IoT solution, including working with web providers, dealing with firmware updates, interfacing with different business organizations and more.
Published 01/18/21
Brian Faith, CEO of QuickLogic, joins Chris to talk about implementing the Symbiflow open source toolchain for QuickLogic FPGAs and how they are using that tool chain alongside the SensiML platform to create flexible, low power devices for machine learning applications.
Published 01/11/21
Mike Harrison of Mike's Electric Stuff join Chris and Dave to talk about new development projects, working with old parts and tinkering under the hood of an EV.
Published 01/04/21
Jeff Keyzer of Mightyohm.com joins Chris and Dave for our annual Keyzermas episode! Jeff updates us on what he's been working on, answers some questions about RF and discusses the state of the electronics world, as he sees it.
Published 12/28/20
Fredrik Kensander of KraftPowercon joins Chris to talk about creating very high current output power supplies used for things like plating copper onto circuit boards (and many other industrial applications). They discuss firmware, processors, power output stages, system architecture and more!
Published 12/21/20
Daryl Tewksbury joins Dave to talk about his work on laser projects at Laservision and how he has continued building hardware and software.
Published 12/14/20