Being Vulnerable about Disordered Eating in the Fitness Industry w/ Ava Cyruli
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Today I am joined by Ava Cyruli. Ava is currently an online coach, bodybuilder, and influencer in the fitness industry, however she is not your stereotypical ‘fitness influencer”. Ava has been brave and vulnerable enough to openly discuss the lesser talked about aspects of fitness and weight lifting on social media, specifically the bodybuilding/yo-yo dieting to binge eating disorder pipeline. In todays episode, She shares her story with several eating disorders, including binge eating disorder and orthorexia, along with her experience going keto and how it led to binging, deciding on her own to temporarily leave college to enter treatment, why tracking macros in recovery was a way for her to help  re-learn hunger cues, even though tracking is generally frowned upon in the recovery space. Ava also speaks with me on her binge eating relapse this past year, and her best advice on how to pull yourself out of a relapse when it feels like you’re back in square one.. Ava now uses her experiences in her recovery with her clients and through her social media following of over 40k on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube after launching CyCy lifts, who she is the CEO of. She simply wants people to be seen in their struggles, and to be the voice for so many in the fitness industry who could be struggling with food or body image. Follow Ava on Instagram: Work with Ava: --- Support this podcast:
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