Binge Eating Doesn't Discriminate feat. Fitness Coach Stephen Campolo
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Today’s guest is Stephen Campolo. Stephen is a coach in the fitness industry with an audience of over 265,000 on instagram, but that’s not why I had him on the show. Stephen reached out to me a few days ago on instagram and mentioned his history with binge eating, how it literally almost killed him (you’ll find out why in the episode) and how little it is openly discussed within the field of fitness. I was immediately intrigued and interested to speak with Stephen, just because its always nice hearing from another male who’s had a history with their relationship with food. Stephen was incredibly vulnerable, telling his entire story with his struggles with binge eating and how it stemmed from being the former fat kid which caused him to lose a lot of weight really quickly, followed by competing in bodybuilding shows that forced him to severely restrict, only to end up binging for a month straight afterwards. We also compared having a “food addiction”  with other substances such as drugs and alcohol, and how there's similar tendencies between each addiction. We further discuss how Binge Eating doesn’t discriminate and happens to people in all body shapes and sizes. Stephen's IG: Bobby's IG: Bobby's Tiktok: Bobby's other Podcast Episodes: --- Support this podcast:
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