How I Navigated 4 years of College While Healing From an Eating Disorder
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In today's solo pod, Bobby shares his most helpful and consistent tips that helped him get through the hard transition into college that he used all 4 years of his time there. These suggestions were made public in order to potentially help those who may feel lost in college, are just starting college, or are about to go to college. Follow Bobby on Tiktok! (252k+) Follow Bobby on Instagram! (48k+) Check out my other Podcast Episodes! --- Support this podcast:
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In today's episode, Bobby takes a peak back at the goals he set back in January for the year that would ultimately help him improve his relationship with food, and explains whether or not he reached them. Hungry for Recovery MINI-COURSE: Tiktok:...
Published 12/07/23
Kicking off the month with an episode! Today I speak on why December 1st is so important to me and why this date has changed the trajectory of my life over the past few years. --- Support this podcast:
Published 12/01/23
Published 12/01/23