Determining our Attachments and Feelings with the Number on the Scale (feat. Coach Mike Millner)
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Today I am joined by coach Mike Millner! Mike has been a high quality level nutrition coach for over the past decade and specializes in helping thousands of clients with their fitness and nutrition goals through a behavior change approach that is the most sustainable for them. He prioritizes connecting with his clients to help figure out where they are in their journey on a personal level and understanding that each person is unique in their own way. He recognizes exercise and nutrition habits is not something that can be a “quick fix”. Mike is also the author of “The Personality Diet”, a book that debunks diet culture myths and helps provide a much clearer understanding on attaining long-term success. Mike is also the host of top podcast “Mind over Macros” where he delivers his information in a firm but gentle way for all levels, whether you’re a nutrition/fitness expert or you’re just starting out. In this episode Mike shares his upbringing, and how he became a business owner and began working with clients. We also get into some in-depth topics and questions surrounding the strong association between weighing less and being more happy (and why that isn’t the case for many) finding the root of why we’re so fixated with the number on the scale, nutrition education in public schooling, and how we as humans make decisions from an emotional level first, and logically second. Mike's Podcast "Mind Over Macros: Mike's Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
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