Everything You Need to Know About "Hungry For Recovery": A Mini-Course to Help Kickstart Your Food Freedom Journey with Jessi Jean
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JOIN THE HUNGRY FOR RECOVERY WAITLIST NOW! DOORS OPEN JULY 7th: http://hungryforrecovery.jessijean.com/ If you’re feeling STUCK in a cycle of restrict, behave, stay the course and F*CK IT, feed me, I’ll start over again on Monday, buckle up because on today’s episode we’re chatting about getting off the diet-binge roller coaster and where to start your food freedom journey. In today’s episode Jessi and Bobby discuss: How we met online and why Bobby decided to take a trip across the country to collaborate with Jessi in Colorado • What the solution is for those who aren’t ready to dive into a full blown food freedom recovery program but want to get started • How we came together to create Hungry For Recovery >> a 23-day mini-course to jumpstart your food freedom journey (with tangible tools and rich inspiration) that will take you from feeling STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE • Why we wanted a recovery resource that was available for ALL genders For more details and to jumpstart your Food Freedom Recovery journey visit: hungryforrecovery.jessijean.com - doors Open July 7th, 2023 for our very first cohort! Come join us for the 23-day food freedom challenge that will help you finally begin breaking free of the self-sabotage, binge-restrict, and emotional overeating cycles. Because YOU deserve to experience genuine happiness, confidence and freedom with food. Hungry For Recovery was designed specifically for the chronic over-thinker who isn’t entirely sure they’re ready to dive into a full blown recovery program, but is READY to finally feel relief from the exhausting cycles of binge and emotional overeating with tangible tools, techniques and clear steps to help you finally GET STARTED. Each morning we will email you 2 short videos (1 educational ~10min & 1 inspirational ~5min), along with a powerful action step to take that day that will help you create meaningful momentum to STOP the fight with food. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/the-bobby-podkazz/support
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In today's episode, Bobby takes a peak back at the goals he set back in January for the year that would ultimately help him improve his relationship with food, and explains whether or not he reached them. Hungry for Recovery MINI-COURSE: https://hungryforrecovery.jessijean.com/ Tiktok:...
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Kicking off the month with an episode! Today I speak on why December 1st is so important to me and why this date has changed the trajectory of my life over the past few years. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/the-bobby-podkazz/support
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Published 12/01/23