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This episode Charlamagne, Andrew Schulz and Wax are back, with their brilliant and definitely idiotic thoughts on this weeks trending topics. But first, it was a must to discuss our Schulzy tying the knot with his new wife and having the BARZ when it came to his vows. Next, it seems that Schulz had a change of heart when it comes to the covid vaccines. Also, during their discussions they go back in fourth making up their own versus battle, with one being Jesus vs Tom Brady. Lastly, they wrap it up with some “Ask an Idiot” questions.
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So many things happened this week, but Andrew and Charlamagne are back to give their unpopular opinion the ones that caught their eye, starting with Jessie Williams big surprising performance this week. After, the footage was seen the fellas did not hesitate to bring out the graphic...
Published 05/12/22
Published 05/12/22
This week the idiots Andrew and Charlagmagne are back with their unfiltered, raw comments about the White House C orrespondent dinner, The Kardashians and more. Moreover, find out why Wax used to sleep on a dresser, the met gala and more.
Published 05/05/22