Which Is Better - A Verbal Pep Talk or a Visualization Pep Talk?
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Have you ever found yourself talking yourself up backstage before a concert, trying to quiet the last-minute doubts and boost your confidence? Sometimes this works, but sometimes the words just don't seem to resonate or sink in. A 2012 study suggests that there might be a better way to shift our mood in a more positive direction than simply talking to ourselves in a more positive way.
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Have you ever found it a struggle to take risks and learn effectively in lessons because of a fear of mistakes? Even if you know your teacher is doing their best to make it a safe environment? Director and choreographer Ann Bergeron explains how her experience training her dogs through positive...
Published 08/01/21
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Published 07/25/21
Have you ever heard it said that trying NOT to think of something only triggers more thoughts of that thing? It makes sense, but is this actually true? And if so, and thought suppression really doesn't work, is there anything else we can do, to avoid thinking negative thoughts on stage?
Published 07/18/21