#434: Ur-INe for Recurrent UTI?! with Dr. Kellen Choi, DO AKA The Bladder Teacher
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It’s NOT Always a UTI! Sounds like another UTI but it could be more than that! Time to explore the entire pelvic floor and see what more you can treat. School’s in session with the Bladder Teacher,  Kellen Choi, DO from the University of Louisville @KellenChoi Claim CME for this episode at curbsiders.vcuhealth.org! Patreon | Episodes | Subscribe | Spotify | YouTube | Newsletter | Contact | Swag! | CME Show Segments Intro Rapid fire questions/Picks of the Week Case #1 and Definitions Bowel habits Water intake  Case #2 Vaginal Estrogen Non-antibiotic prophylaxis Antibiotic in prophylaxis Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Take-home points Outro Credits Producer, Writer & Show Notes: Isabel Valdez, PA Infographic & Covert Art: Edison Jyang Hosts: Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP    Reviewer: Fatima Syed, MD Showrunners: Matthew Watto MD, FACP; Paul Williams MD, FACP Technical Production: PodPaste Guest: Kellen Choi DO, FAOCS Sponsor: Freed You can try Freed for free right now by going to freed.ai. And listeners of Curbsiders can use code CURB50 for $50 off their first month. Sponsor: Locumstory Tune in to The Locumstory Podcast on Spotify, Apple, or Google podcasts.
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