The Debaters’ season finale episode is creating a buzz! Charlie Demers and Derek Seguin sweet talk the audience when they debate if maple syrup is superior to honey. Then, Henry Sir and Erica Sigurdson are ready for a pillow fight when they discuss if nothing’s more fun than a sleepover.
Published 06/20/24
Published 06/20/24
Deborah Kimmett and Myles Anderson make waves when they discuss if there’s no better day than a day at the beach. Then, are mosquitoes the most annoying insect? Pete Zedlacher and Rob Bebenek get under each other’s skin when they take on these bothersome bugs.
Published 06/13/24
Bruce Clark and Clare Belford go their separate ways on whether it’s never too late to get divorced. Then, Graham Clark and Julie Kim avoid knee-jerky reactions when they decide if nothing beats a convenience store.
Published 06/06/24
Derek Seguin and Chad Anderson grow the generation gap when they discuss if Gen Xers are the best age group. Then, Hisham Kelati and Kathleen McGee have a spirited debate on whether angels are superior to ghosts.
Published 05/23/24
Elvira Kurt and Graham Chittenden have no time to waist when they discuss if belts are superior to suspenders.  Then, should everyone move to Hamilton? Gavin Stephens and Ron Sparks bring the Hammer down on each other in their debate for this Ontario city.
Published 05/16/24
Joe Pillitteri and Courtney Gilmour’s arguments are anything but uniform when they decide if every kid should have an after-school job. Then, can you have too many cousins? Arthur Simeon and Jackie Pirico decide if it's all relative.
Published 05/09/24
Is Law & Order the greatest TV show of all time? With the recent release of Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent, Kate Davis and Sean Cullen are taking this series to court. Then, Hunter Collins and Marito Lopez are sharp-tongued when they debate the current ease of learning a new language.
Published 04/25/24
Is spending superior to saving? Dave Hemstad and Jon Steinberg account for themselves in this budgetary battle. Then, Nour Hadidi and Don Kelly fan the flames when they decide if Taylor Swift has the world’s greatest fans.
Published 04/18/24
Greg Morton and Kyle Brownrigg get reel when they discuss if long movies are a shortcoming. Then, Deborah Kimmett and Ali Hassan follow through on their arguments when they debate if pickleball is the sport of the future.
Published 04/11/24
In this priceless episode from Season 14, Nikki Payne and Patrick Ledwell push each other's buttons when they compare cashiers to self-checkout machines. Then, Sean Cullen and Graham Chittenden deliver waves of laughs in their debate on owning a boat.
Published 04/04/24
Myles Anderson and Jacob Samuel have an instrumental discussion on whether the piano is superior to the guitar. Then, Sean Lecomber and Robby Hoffman show each other who’s Hugo Boss when they decide if brand names matter.
Published 03/28/24
Graham Clark and Katie-Ellen Humphries have a Van-do attitude when they decide if Vancouver is a no fun city. Then, should you always be yourself? Mikey Dubs and Simon King outdo themselves with this personal patter.
Published 03/14/24
Jon Dore and Charlie Demers step up to the plate when they decide if step-parents are the unsung heroes of parenting. Then, is it okay to talk to strangers? Ivan Decker and Julie Kim have the gift of gab when they talk us into this topic.
Published 03/07/24
Lisa Baker and Lara Rae start breaking dread when they discuss if it’s better to be feared or loved. Then, Kathleen McGee and Sean Devlin refuse to sweater the small stuff when they debate dressing up pets.
Published 02/29/24
Gavin Clarkson and Abdul Aziz peak the audience’s interest when they discuss if hiking is superior to riding a gondola. Then, is it okay to break up with a friend? Maddy Kelly and Yumi Nagashima go their separate ways on this topic.
Published 02/22/24
Is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep? Ivan Decker and Jon Steinberg toss and turn this topic on its head. Then, Jan Caruana and Graham Chittenden grill each other when they discuss if sandwiches are superior to wraps.
Published 02/15/24
Courtney Gilmour and Hunter Collins chat a-bot the pros and cons of artificial intelligence. Then, you'll want to check-in for Laurie Elliott and Kristeen von Hagen's debate on themed accommodation.
Published 02/01/24
This episode from Season 14 goes to infinitives and beyond! First, Erica Sigurdson and Sterling Scott make their punctuation mark when they discuss correcting others on their spelling and grammar. Then, Tim Nutt and Ryan Williams are a black diamond in the rough in their debate on skiing and snowboarding.
Published 01/18/24
DeAnne Smith and David Pryde’s jokes are in mint condition when they go head-to-head on coins versus bills. Then, Tracy Hamilton and Kyle Brownrigg get on each other’s nerves when they discuss if anxiety is your friend.
Published 01/11/24
Ron Sparks and Leonard Chan have a fast-paced discussion on whether Canada needs a high-speed rail. Then, Hoodo Hersi and Deborah Kimmett use their most loved jokes when they discuss if it’s okay to have a favourite child.
Published 01/04/24
Jen Grant and Hisham Kelati have a humorous exchange when they discuss if Secret Santa is the best way to give presents. Then, Arthur Simeon and Don Kelly bring The House down when they decide if every Canadian should visit Parliament Hill.
Published 12/14/23
Lisa Baker and Malik Elassal have a juicy discussion on whether pork is superior to chicken. Then, John Cullen and Sunee Dhaliwal are good sports when they decide if nothing beats being the home team.
Published 12/07/23
Katie-Ellen Humphries and Aaron Read deliver biting jokes on the subject of rats. Then, Dakota Ray Hebert and Peter Brown cow-poke fun at each other when they discuss if the cowboy hat is the best type of hat.
Published 11/30/23
In this unforgettable episode from Season 13, Corner Gas's Eric Peterson and Because News's Gavin Crawford go wild over nature programs. Then, Debra DiGiovanni and Arthur Simeon get from point A to point B in their debate on public transit.
Published 11/16/23