Look at this photograph from Season 12: Canada's most-maligned band has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. Kyle Bottom tells Mayce Galoni it's time we appreciated Nickelback. Then, questions are asked and answered—loudly!—in a punctuation altercation between Lara Rae and Peter Brown.
Published 03/26/20
In this classic episode from season 10, Patrick Ledwell and Amanda Brooke Perrin send a clear message to their Ottawa audience when they discuss if it’s better to call or text. Then, Ron Sparks and beloved children’s entertainer Fred Penner belt it out over whether or not everyone should sing.
Published 03/20/20
Shane Koyczan and Charlie Demers deliver some poetic justice when they discuss spoken word. Then, Rebecca Kohler and Jacob Samuel run a few things by their audience regarding marathons.
Published 03/13/20
Deborah Kimmett and Ivan Decker use their dried wit to debate raisins. Then, Katie-Ellen Humphries and Levi McCachen are Sleepless in Seattle on the subject of romantic comedies.
Published 02/28/20
Wes Borg and Maddy Kelly strike a chord with their North Vancouver audience over playing in a band. Then, Sean Lecomber and DeAnne Smith fit the billing for their debate on Canada’s health care system.
Published 02/21/20
The Debaters have opened the vault and it’s time for a fan-favourite episode from season 10! John Wing and Ivan Decker shoot from the hipster when they discuss millennials. Then, love is in the air when Lori Gibbs and Graham Clark debate romance novels.
Published 02/07/20
It’s full steam ahead when Peter Brown and Erica Sigurdson discuss taking the train. Then, Sean Lecomber and Julie Kim refuse to play nice when they debate if kids change everything.
Published 01/31/20
Graham Clark and Kim’s Convenience’s Andrew Phung are ready to rumble when they compare wrestling icons The Rock and Hulk Hogan. Then, Arthur Simeon and Kate Davis pack their bags when they discuss studying abroad.
Published 01/23/20
Charlie Demers and Katie-Ellen Humphries Buzz-Feed off each other in their debate on social media as a source for news. Then, Don Kelly and Charles Haycock get comfortable when they compare chairs to couches.
Published 01/17/20
It's time to bring back one of The Debaters' most iconic debates: "William Shatner"! This fan-favourite from season eight has so many facts and funny that it's the only debate to dominate an entire episode! Sean Cullen and Corner Gas' Eric Peterson are in Ottawa stirring up some Tribble over William Shatner's acting legacy.
Published 01/10/20
Lara Rae and Rob Pue refuse to overstay their welcome in their debate on going home for the holidays. Then, John Hastings and Derek Seguin dial it up a notch on telemarketers.
Published 12/13/19
Don Kelly and Ali Hassan Wood-stock up on jokes when they discuss festivals. Then, Nour Hadidi and Courtney Gilmour exchange friendly fire on the subject of best friends.
Published 12/06/19
Erica Sigurdson and Sterling Scott make their punctuation mark when they discuss correcting others on their spelling and grammar. Then, Tim Nutt and Ryan Williams are a black diamond in the rough in their debate on skiing and snowboarding.
Published 11/29/19
Simon Rakoff and Sean Cullen offer their dinner-most thoughts when they compare plates to bowls. Then, Michelle Shaughnessy and Deborah Kimmett offer bold and beautiful arguments in their debate on soap operas.
Published 11/21/19
Charlie Demers and Glen Foster refuse to look fuel-ish when they discuss carbon taxes. Then, Evany Rosen and Todd Graham try to stay civil in their debate on city slogans.
Published 11/15/19
Rob Bebenek and Dave Hemstad air their beefs when they discuss plant-based foods. Then, Elvira Kurt and Hunter Collins take the plunge in their debate on scuba diving.
Published 11/08/19
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when Peter Anthony and James Mullinger discuss if New Brunswick is the ugliest province. Then, Nikki Payne and Jon Steinberg take swings at each other over whether or not everyone should go to the park.
Published 11/01/19
Nathan Macintosh and Tim Steeves make quite the appearance when they discuss if notice is needed for a visit. Then, David Pryde and Elvira Kurt take a bite out of their debate on the Canada Food Guide.
Published 10/18/19
For this special episode, The Debaters are opening the vault and airing two classic debates from past seasons! Jon Steinberg and Jonny Harris go head to headstone over ghosts. Then, the oven mitts come off when Dave Hemstad and Sean Cullen compare pie and cake.
Published 10/11/19
Laurie Elliott and Kyle Brownrigg refuse to patch things up when they question the hype surrounding pumpkin in the fall. Then, it’s the clash of the titans when James Mullinger and Derek Seguin compare English and French culture.
Published 10/04/19
Ed Macdonald and Patrick Ledwell try to East Coast to victory when they discuss if everyone should visit Cape Breton. Then, Jay Malone and Matt Wright are in a high-pressure situation when they debate weather forecasters.
Published 09/27/19
Nikki Payne and Patrick Ledwell push each other's buttons when they compare cashiers to self-checkout machines. Then, Sean Cullen and Graham Chittenden deliver waves of laughs in their debate on owning a boat.
Published 09/13/19
For the season 14 premiere, Lara Rae and Katie-Ellen Humphries crack things wide open with their debate on oysters. Then, smooth operators Mark Farrell and Trent McClellan compare Alexander Graham Bell to Alexander Keith.
Published 09/06/19
In The Debaters' season finale, Eric Peterson and Gavin Crawford go wild over nature programs. Then, Debra DiGiovanni and Arthur Simeon get from point A to point B in their debate on public transit.
Published 06/21/19
Street Legal’s Eric Peterson and Because News’ Gavin Crawford address the elephant in the room when they debate the entertainment value of nature programs.
Published 06/21/19