Pete Zedlacher and Matt Falk bring homegrown humour when they decide if hometown heroes warrant celebration. Then, Jenn Labelle and Myles Anderson go head-to-head on whether we should all be more competitive.
Published 06/01/23
Rebecca Northan and Arthur Simeon access their hire power when they decide if it’s time to end the practice of nepotism. Then, Chris Locke and Juliana Rodrigues spar over whether the spa is the most relaxing retreat.
Published 05/18/23
Published 05/18/23
James Mullinger and Don Kelly decide if coronation ceremonies are a royal pain. Then, does everyone have lucky and unlucky numbers? Leonard Chan and Zabrina Douglas give this topic some four-thought.
Published 05/04/23
Nathan Macintosh and Laurie Elliott get the lion’s share of the laughs when they discuss owning exotic pets. Then, should we stop building new highways? Elvira Kurt and Jon Steinberg are slow to merge on this topic.
Published 04/27/23
Lisa Baker and Yumi Nagashima generate collective laughter when they debate if everyone is unique. Then, is the tree planter a more fitting symbol for B.C. than the lumberjack? Katie-Ellen Humphries and Kevin Banner have an axe to grind.
Published 04/13/23
Are samosas superior to spring rolls? Host of CBC Radio’s Laugh Out Loud Ali Hassan and Run the Burbs creator and star Andrew Phung go potato-to-toe in this appetizing argument. Then, Allyson Smith and Ron Sparks give us more than we collectively bargained for when they take on teachers’ strikes.
Published 04/06/23
Ryan Williams and Brittany Lyseng are in the zone when they go steel toe-to-toe on complaining about construction. Then, are roller coasters the best part of an amusement park? Marito Lopez and Myles Anderson turn this debate upside down.
Published 03/23/23
Dean Jenkinson and musical comedy duo David Milchard and Ken Lawson amp-up the crowd when they decide if all music should be experienced live. Then, is fine dining one of the finer things in life? Julie Kim and Wes Borg dish up a deluxe discourse.
Published 03/16/23
In this blockbuster episode from Season 13, Howie Miller and Simon King are anything but pop-corny when they discuss movie trailers. Then, Kyle Bottom and Yumi Nagashima chop-stick it to one another over Japan's advanced society.
Published 03/09/23
Ivan Decker and Don Kelly dough-nut miss a beat when they decide if doughnuts are superior to muffins. Then, John Wing and Deborah Kimmett have a pension for laughter on the subject of seniors discounts.
Published 03/02/23
Maddy Kelly and Graham Clark decide if umbrellas or rain jackets rain supreme. Then, Lori Gibbs and Charlie Demers decide if flattery gets you anywhere when they discuss if it’s better to give than receive compliments.
Published 02/23/23
Sean Cullen and DeAnne Smith ta-basco in the spotlight when they decide if The Caesar is Canada’s best culinary feat. Then, Abdul Butt and Vishal Ramesh bring down the house as they go head-to-head on affordable housing.
Published 02/16/23
Patrick Ledwell and Rebecca Reeds put the audience in stitches when they discuss if there’s nothing worse than hand-me-down clothing. Then, Derek Seguin and Kyle Brownrigg have a daring debate on the highs and lows of adventure travel.
Published 02/02/23
In this favourite episode from Season 13, big laughs are on the menu when Laurie Elliott and Graham Chittenden argue for their superior seating option: booth or table. Then, inquiring minds Chris Locke and Courtney Gilmour discuss if there's such a thing as a stupid question.
Published 01/26/23
Well-seasoned Debaters Dave Hemstad and Nikki Payne discuss if insects are the future of food. Then, Kate Davis and Abbas Wahab work wonders on the subject of quitting your day job.
Published 01/19/23
Are theatre actors the world’s finest actors? Sean Cullen and Bruce McCulloch upstage each other in this show business showdown. Then, it’s all hands on deck when Elvira Kurt and Kaitlin Shuvera debate if left-handedness is a blessing or a curse.
Published 01/12/23
Can you ever have too many holiday decorations? Elvira Kurt tin-sels us on seasonal adornments but David Pryde believes less is more. Then, Hisham Kelati and Courtney Gilmour get down to the facts and funny when they discuss whether it pays to be a trivia buff.
Published 12/22/22
Has Justin Bieber had a bigger impact on the world than William Shakespeare? Courtney Gilmour and Rebecca Northan pit pop stars against playwrights in this week’s episode. Then: Are we too dependent on the internet? Abdul Butt and Derek Seguin are plugged into this query!
Published 12/08/22
Should Canada’s next prime minister be from Newfoundland? Lisa Baker and Hisham Kelati take a Gander at this idea. Then, Deborah Kimmett and Jon Steinberg decide whether the cat should be let out of the bag in their debate on keeping secrets.
Published 12/01/22
Derek Seguin and Dave Hemstad discuss if blinds are superior to curtains in a debate that is more than just window dressing. Then, is the World Cup the greatest event in all of sports? Sean Cullen and Nour Hadidi reach their goals in this match.
Published 11/24/22
Matt Falk and Jon Steinberg get into risky business discussing whether we should beware of multi-level marketing companies. Then, Lara Rae and Graham Chittenden paint the town red when they take on whether small towns should be beautiful.
Published 11/10/22
To commemorate the passing of one of Canada's most beloved comedians, Tim Steeves, The Debaters is re-airing this Tim classic from 2019. Featuring Tim Steeves, Nathan Macintosh, David Pryde and Elvira Kurt in Saint John, New Brunswick.
Published 11/04/22
This Halloween, Nikki Payne and Ron Sparks work their magic in a special double-length feature episode! Are witches superior to wizards? Wicked Nikki of the East crafts a bewitching argument in support of witches, but Ron the Magnificent and Amazing says wizards are the staff of life. This debate will have you spellbound!
Published 10/27/22
Kathleen McGee and Charlie Demers engage on whether open marriages make the best bonds. Then, Saskatoon's Myles Morrison and Peter Brown are good sports when they go head-to-head on Roughriders fans being the superior spectators.
Published 10/13/22