1728: Nepotism & Day at the Spa
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Rebecca Northan and Arthur Simeon access their hire power when they decide if it’s time to end the practice of nepotism. Then, Chris Locke and Juliana Rodrigues spar over whether the spa is the most relaxing retreat.
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Published 09/21/23
It’s a perfect storm of fact and funny when fan favourite debaters Sean Cullen and Jon Steinberg decide if being a lighthouse keeper is a dream job. Then, James Mullinger and Heidi Brander deliver the genuine article when they discuss if every city or town needs a local newspaper.
Published 09/21/23
Mayce Galoni and Erica Sigurdson share McNuggets of wisdom when they discuss if McDonald’s is the best restaurant in the world. Then, Rob Pue and Ryan Williams move the goalposts refuse to fumble when they debate if football needs to change.
Published 09/14/23