1801: Big Weddings vs. Small Weddings & Back-to-School
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The Debaters are back for their 18th season and we're ready to get this (wedding) party started! First, Patrick Ledwell and Nour Hadidi refuse each other's proposals when they compare big weddings and small weddings. Then, Derek Seguin and Nikki Payne make the grade in their debate on back-to-school season.
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Katie-Ellen Humphries and Aaron Read deliver biting jokes on the subject of rats. Then, Dakota Ray Hebert and Peter Brown cow-poke fun at each other when they discuss if the cowboy hat is the best type of hat.
Published 11/30/23
Published 11/30/23
In this unforgettable episode from Season 13, Corner Gas's Eric Peterson and Because News's Gavin Crawford go wild over nature programs. Then, Debra DiGiovanni and Arthur Simeon get from point A to point B in their debate on public transit.
Published 11/16/23