#22: The Breakup
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Floating in s**t water for too long gets comfortable - feels scarier to leave and head to an unknown future than to stay in the almost certain continuation of floating in s**t. How it’s hard to celebrate when there’s such guilt. The inauthenticity and breakdowns in communication that existed, how they ultimately led to my realization of discontent, and then finally that I didn’t have to stay if I didn’t want to. We all have a choice. It is usually not easy. But it’s your own responsibility.
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This week Liz chats with Jessie, @thatssoulastro: -history of astrology -language used in birth chart readings (houses, aspects, elements, zodiac..) -Liz's birth chart reading We learn how better understanding ourselves can EMPOWER the way we engage with the world. The earth is currently moving...
Published 06/12/20
We are not simply an identity that we associate with. If you strip me of what makes me "good" and "worthy" or "similar" then what is left? Who am I then? Lonely hours sitting in anger and shame upon. By feeling, reflecting & authentically sharing, I became able to articulate it. Then...
Published 05/29/20
Crisis of the week: change = bad. Need for control/wanting 'normal;' led to reflection into self and re-learning old messages. Accept self, then do honest evaluation. Love self more, & reflect on present moment. Adjust direction as needed, step into new self, embody new chosen...
Published 05/15/20