#22: The Breakup
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Floating in s**t water for too long gets comfortable - feels scarier to leave and head to an unknown future than to stay in the almost certain continuation of floating in s**t. How it’s hard to celebrate when there’s such guilt. The inauthenticity and breakdowns in communication that existed, how they ultimately led to my realization of discontent, and then finally that I didn’t have to stay if I didn’t want to. We all have a choice. It is usually not easy. But it’s your own responsibility.
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Discussion of fear & how it relates to our story. Fear can shape creativity, play, and vulnerability - but we can also exercise and stretch that narrative by giving self the time and space to explore, play and expand those borders. Having compassion requires practice to undo self-criticism;...
Published 11/12/19
Reframe words “skill” or “strength” into “gift” - sharing of your GIFTS is so crucial to quality of life, sense of purpose and our greater success on the planet. Where does your mind go when it wanders? Watch for patterns. Is intuition telling you to pay attention? Listen, then start showing up...
Published 11/08/19
Human connectedness as a result of us all living a fine line between dark and light, order and chaos. Our impact in being related to other humans - the butterfly effect. Externalizing problems instead of dealing with the internal battle (through actually facing the issue/problem). Our ability to...
Published 11/05/19