Lockdowns are being lifted, energy demand is on the rise and countries are trying to kick start their economies. Many people are calling for lower-carbon energy to be front and centre of future economic plans. Could natural gas be part of the solution? Presented by Bryony MacKenzie. Featuring Tim Gould, International Energy Agency; Erin Blanton, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University; Ben Ratner, Environmental Defense Fund; Claire Harris, Shell; Alex Steinberg, Edgar Grasse...
Published 08/03/20
Are robots going to take over the world? Not quite, but they could save lives. In this episode, a panel of AI experts bust perpetual myths and tackle the big questions around artificial intelligence.
Published 07/08/20
How has the pandemic changed life in China and the future of energy? And who are the people who kept life going under lockdown? The Energy Podcast takes a look at China in this special episode. Presented by Bryony MacKenzie. Featuring Sheng Zhang, Shell China; Changhua Wu, Beijing Future Innovation Center; Xiaofang Ren, Shell China Retail worker; Yuan Zhang, Project Development Manager, Shell Hubei Energy Company.
Published 05/07/20
Could Shell do more to tackle climate change? Why don't they stop producing oil and gas? And what are the challenges around the transition to lower-carbon energy? The Energy Podcast hears from students putting some of the big questions to one of Shell's most senior leaders and energy experts.
Published 12/23/19
Published 12/23/19
Can conserving and planting trees help address climate change? And if so, to what effect? As Shell launches its nature-based solutions programme in the UK, The Energy Podcast looks at the debate. Presented by Kunal Dutta and Katharine Kerr. Featuring Nathalie Seddon, Oxford University; Duncan McLaren, Lancaster University; Sylvo Thijsen, Staatsbosbeheer & Alex Nevill, Shell.
Published 10/17/19
Could Shell do more when it comes to tackling climate change? Why doesn’t the company simply stop producing oil and gas? And is there enough understanding of the challenges of a transition to lower-carbon energy? The Energy Podcast puts some of the big questions to one of Shell’s most senior leaders. Presented by Kunal Dutta. With Maarten Wetselaar, Integrated Gas & New Energies Director at Shell.
Published 06/13/19
It was once hailed as the technology that would change everything. From banking to shipping, retail and, of course, energy. But has the hype surrounding Blockchain now peaked? If so, what is left? Could Blockchain change the energy industry? And, before we even get there, what on earth is it? Presented by Kunal Dutta. Featuring JoJo Hubbard, Electron; Scott Kessler, LO3 Energy; David Gerard, author Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain & Judith Durkin, Shell.
Published 05/16/19
Carbon capture and storage: a technology to tackle climate change? It has been billed as hugely important in the fight against climate change. But what exactly is carbon capture and storage? How can it help meet the Paris Agreement goals? And why are there fewer than 30 working projects around the world? Presented by Kunal Dutta. Featuring Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh (UK); Simon Holmes à Court, Melbourne University (Australia); Anne Halladay, Quest & David Hone, Shell.
Published 05/07/19
It's the most abundant element in the universe. When produced using renewable energy, it creates no greenhouse gas emissions. So why don’t we hear more about hydrogen? And why aren’t we all driving hydrogen cars? Presented by Kunal Dutta. Featuring John Hunt, Toyota; Ben Madden, Element Energy; Matthew Rooney, Institute of Mechanical Engineers & Matthew Tipper, Shell
Published 04/18/19
With more electric cars and energy storage opportunities, a global race to develop battery technology is underway. How quickly is technology progressing? What is needed to breakthrough? And why should we care about batteries anyway? Presented by Kunal Dutta. Featuring Billy Wu, Imperial College London; Brillpower; Carlton Cummins, Aceleron; Dr Marek Kubik, Fluence & James Frith, Bloomberg.
Published 04/11/19
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Published 03/29/19