Laila Ali on Mindset From World Championship Boxing to Health and Wellness
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This podcast was so much fun to record! I’m here with Laila Ali, my personal friend and a former four-time world boxing champion. She’s also a cookbook author, a health and wellness advocate, a TV personality, and most importantly, a mom to her two children! You may know Laila as the daughter of the late, …
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It’s been a wild ride since this podcast first started in 2014, and I’ve learned so much along the way. We’ve reached over 50 million downloads, which is mind-boggling to me, and we have over 700 hours of audio recorded on a wide variety of topics. Throughout these 500 episodes, I’ve talked to...
Published 11/29/21
Today, my guest is Dr. Meghna Dassani, an internationally educated dentist from Houston, Texas, who’s actually been to dental school twice! She has a vast amount of knowledge on this topic and has a passion for really delving into the world of sleep apnea, especially obstructive sleep apnea in...
Published 11/25/21
Published 11/25/21