Kate Reid (Pt 2) - The Life-Saving Croissant
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If you haven't heard Part 1 of our chat with Lune founder and master-baker, Kate Reid, we recommend you do that first. Because this episode, the sequel in our Croissantology, continues Kate's miraculous story as she attempts to overcome an eating disorder that forced her to leave her dream career in Formula 1. Here, Kate explains how she did that by going all in on creating the "perfect" croissant. And how that croissant launched a new pastry obsession for Melbournians, which eventually led to the pastry empire that is now Lune. This inspiring story is one of hope and resilience and... well, it will make you want a croissant... desperately. To purchase Kate's new cook book, 'Lune, Crossiants All Day, All Night' follow this link: https://bit.ly/3Nlp0z5 If you or someone you know is experiencing an eating disorder or body image issues, The Butterfly Foundation is a fantastic resource and support. Please follow this link: butterfly.org.au For family and carer support, and to learn more about the organisation Hugh spoke about in part 1, contact Eating Disorders Families Australia, or follow this link: edfa.org.au
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