Mrs Claus - Santa’s Better Half
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Heads up: Mrs Claus is VERY close friends with comedian, Urzila Carlson. As such, this Special Christmas Episode is definitely not appropriate for kids.Last year, we were honoured to sit down with the one and only Santa Claus as he joined us in The Vulnerabilitea House. A big thank you to Glenn Robbins for organising that interview for us! Link below if you missed it.This year, Hugh, Josh and Ryan meet the woman who claims to be the brains behind the operation, Mrs Claus (or is it Ms Claus?). In a very busy time of the year for her, she generously picks a few cards from the Vulnerabilitea House card deck and shares what really goes down behind the scenes on… The Pole.The Imperfects will donate all ad revenue from this episode to Urzila Carlson's charity of choice, Women’s Refuge. They are New Zealand's largest nationwide organisation that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence. If you'd like to know more about the charity, or make a donation, follow this link: To watch this full episode on YouTube, follow this link: To see Urzila Carlson live in 2024, follow this link: listen to last years Vulnerabilitea House episode with Santa Claus, follow this link: Or to watch it, follow this link: To listen to Urzila's podcast, That's Enough Already, follow this link: To purchase our Vulnerabilitea House card sets, follow this link: See for privacy information.
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