240. A not so nice ring to it: An Approach to Salicylate toxicity
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Written by Dr. Isaac Bonisteel (Internal Medicine). Reviewed by Dr Phil Laird (General Internal Medicine and Critical Care) and Dr. Dan Howes (Critical Care). Infographic by Sapriya Birk (Medical Student)Support the Show.
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For this year's special episode, we sat down with Dr. Mark Soth of the Loonie Doctor and Money Scope to talk about approaching creating a healthy financial future for yourself as a resident and beyond. Support the Show.
Published 06/30/24
Written by: Dr. Vijay Gupta (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Sabe De (Cardiologist) and Dr. Karen Geukers (General Internist)Support the Show.
Published 06/16/24