Written by: Dr. Vijay Gupta (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Sabe De (Cardiologist) and Dr. Karen Geukers (General Internist)Support the Show.
Published 06/16/24
Written by Dr. Isaac Bonisteel (Internal Medicine). Reviewed by Dr Phil Laird (General Internal Medicine and Critical Care) and Dr. Dan Howes (Critical Care). Infographic by Sapriya Birk (Medical Student)Support the Show.
Published 06/10/24
In this episode, we review the acute presentation of hepatorenal syndrome. We review the nomenclature, epidemiology, clinical presentation, investigations and management of hepatorenal syndrome. Our medicine minute reviews the utility of terlipressin in treatment of HRS. Written by: Dr. Elias Hazan (Internal Medicine Resident)Reviewed by: Dr. Cynthia Tsien (Transplant Hepatologist) and Rupal Shah (General Internal Medicine)Sound Editing by: Tony WalshSupport the Show.
Published 06/02/24
In this episode, we provide a broad introduction to tracheostomies. This includes indications and contraindications, tracheostomy equipment, procedural options and potential complications of tracheostomies. The medicine minute discusses the TRACMAN trial published in JAMA in 2013. Written by: Drs . Tharaniya Vallipuram (Internal Medicine Resident) and Liang Chen (General Internal Medicine & ICU Fellow)Reviewed by: Drs. Peter Goldberg (Intensivist, Respirologist) and Jed Lipes (Intens...
Published 05/26/24
In this episode, we discuss the presentation, typical timing of onset, investigations and treatment for individuals with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. We also discuss the potential complications of ICP. Written by: Dr. Kristina Wade (Internal medicine resident)Reviewed by: Dr Giada Sebastiani (Hepatologist) and Dr Camille Simard (GIM/Ob Med)Support the Show.
Published 05/12/24
How can we best prevent diabetic related complications before surgery? Learn all about it in this weeks perioperative episode. This episode was written by Dr. Michael Wong (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Robyn Houlden (Endocrinology) and Dr. Kristen Marosi (General Internal Medicine). Infographic by Dr. Valarie Kim (Internal Medicine Resident). Support the Show.
Published 05/05/24
Written by: Dr. Lori Israelian (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Eva Piessens (Infectious Diseases) & Dr. Jessica Huynh (General Internal Medicine) Support the Show.
Published 05/01/24
In this episode, we discuss the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and treatment of familial mediterranean fever (FMF). Our medicine minute discusses the history of colchicine use in FMF. Written by: Dr. Sara Choi (Internal Medicine Resident)Reviewed by: Dr. Zijing Wu (General Internist) and Dr. Marie Clements-Baker (Rheumatologist)Sound editing by: Tony WalshSupport the Show.
Published 04/21/24
You may know an approach to anemia, or thrombocytopenia...but what about when all cell lines are down? Take a listen to our hematology focused episode of pancytopenia! Written by Jia Li (Lily) Liu (Internal Medicine Resident) and Dr. Owen Dan Luo (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Laura Habib (Hematologist-Oncologist), and Dr. Natasha Nathoo (Internist).  Infographic by Dr. Valerie Kim (Internal Medicine Resident)    Support the Show.
Published 04/14/24
In today's episode we take you through our approach to a disease with a wide array of clinical presentations and evolving treatment landscape - hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy.  Written by: Dr. Kate Haichin (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Michael Chetrit (Cardiologist) & Dr. John Angelopoulos (General Internist)  Support the Show.
Published 04/07/24
Do you know you valvulopathies? Learn everything there is to know about mitral stenosis! This episode was written by Dr. David Ji (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Murray Kornbluth (Cardiology) and Dr. Samuel Mamane (General Internal Medicine). Infographic by Julie Simone (Medical Student).  Support the show
Published 03/24/24
This week we go through the ultimate in rare diagnoses - PNH. We talk about when to suspect it, how patients may present, and an approach to treatment and management. Bonus points if you can correctly guess how many attempts it took to pronounce "phosphatidylinositol!"  Written by: Dr. Angela Dong (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Helena Dhamko (Hematologist) & Dr. Rupal Shah (General Internist) Support the show
Published 03/17/24
Welcome to Part 2 of our collaboration with #NephMadness! This week we sit down with Dr. Jeff Kott (Nephrologist and Critical Care Fellow) from the NephMadness Exec to discuss the latest and greatest in hyponatremia correction rates.   Support the show
Published 03/14/24
We partnered up with the NephMadness team to release two special episodes on hyponatremia. In this one we take you through a new(er) approach to hyponatremia and its workup. Stay tuned later this week for our Ask a Fellow episode where we cover the latest and greatest controversy on rates of correction!  Written by: Dr. Caitlyn Vlasschaert (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Jeffrey Kott (Nephrologist & ICU Fellow) and Dr. Laiya Carayannopoulos (Intensivist &...
Published 03/12/24
In both the developed and underdeveloped world, it's important to be aware of common nutritional deficiencies and their manifestations in our adult patients! This episode was written by: Dr. Igor Sljivic (Internal Medicine Resident). Reviewed by: Dr. Andrew Appleton (General Internal Medicine) and Dr. Marko Markobrada (General Internal Medicine). Infographic by: Julia Simone (Medical Student) Support the show
Published 03/11/24
This week we take you through a disease that can truly affect just about every organ system - IgG4 Related Disease. We will walk you through the presentation, work up, and approach to treatment  Support the show
Published 03/03/24
In this episode, we discuss the physiology and pathophysiology behind acid-base disorders. We then outline a 5 step approach to interpreting acid-base disorders. For reference, please refer to the infographic on our website at www.theinternatwork.com.  Written by: Dr. Caroline Najjar, (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by:  Dr. Bernard Unikowsky (Nephrologist) and Dr. Jesse Popov (General Internist) Sound editing by: Tony Walsh Support the show
Published 02/25/24
What is that rare endocrine tumour that can cause watery diarrhea? You may have heard of a VIPoma, but how much do you actually know about it?  This episode was written by Dr. Tiffany Mach (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Vincent Larouche (Endocrinology) and Dr. Maral Koolian (General Internal Medicine).  Infographic by Julia Simone (Medical Student) Support the show
Published 02/11/24
In this episode, we review the clinical presentation, diagnostic criteria, work-up and management of a patient presenting with Takatsubo (or stress-induced) Cardiomyopathy. Our medicine minute discusses the JAMA discusses the higher incidence of stress cardiomyopathy noted during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Written by: Dr. Mehras Motamed (Internal Medicine resident) Reviewed y: Dr. Dennis Ko (Interventional Cardiologist) and Dr. David Juurlink (General Internist, Clinical Pharmacologist)...
Published 02/04/24
Ever wonder what to do with that finding of an unexpected nodule on chest xray? Here we walk you through the approach including risk stratification, follow-up, and work-up.  Written by: Dr. Brandon Luu (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Lee Fidler (Respirologist) and Dr. Laiya Carayannopoulos (Internist & Intensivist)   Support the show
Published 01/28/24
In this episode, we review the physiology and pathophysiology, etiology, clinical exam, investigations and treatment in patients with splenomegaly. Our medicine minute addresses the COMFORT II trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2012.  Written by: Drs. Owen Luo and Jia Li (Lily) Liu (Internal medicine residents) Reviewed by: Dr. Gizelle Popradi (hematologist) and Dr. Samuel Mamane (general internist)  Support the show
Published 01/21/24
HFpEF is the lesser talked about, but still equally important type of CHF! We discuss the evidence and give you a run-down on everything you need to know about HFpEF. Written by Dr. Aishwarya Roshan, Internal Medicine resident, and reviewed by Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan, Cardiology and CICU, and Dr. Alison Lai, Internal Medicine. Infographic by Dr. Caitlyn Vlasschaert, Internal Medicine Resident.  Support the show
Published 01/14/24
Written by: Dr. Sarah Hammond (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Marko Skrtic (Nephrology) and Dr. Zijing Wu (General Internal Medicine   Support the show
Published 12/17/23
This week we bring you a two-in-one! We cover polycythemia vera and essential thrombocytosis.  Written by: Dr. RuiQi (Richard) Chen (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Hassan Sibai (Hematology) and Dr. Christopher Langlois (GIM) Support the show
Published 12/10/23