The Intern At Work: Internal Medicine
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Written by Dr. Isaac Bonisteel (Internal Medicine). Reviewed by Dr Phil Laird (General Internal Medicine and Critical Care) and Dr. Dan Howes (Critical Care). Infographic by Sapriya Birk (Medical Student)Support the Show.
Published 06/10/24
In this episode, we review the acute presentation of hepatorenal syndrome. We review the nomenclature, epidemiology, clinical presentation, investigations and management of hepatorenal syndrome. Our medicine minute reviews the utility of terlipressin in treatment of HRS. Written by: Dr. Elias...
Published 06/02/24
In this episode, we provide a broad introduction to tracheostomies. This includes indications and contraindications, tracheostomy equipment, procedural options and potential complications of tracheostomies. The medicine minute discusses the TRACMAN trial published in JAMA in 2013. Written by: Drs...
Published 05/26/24