I am so Frustrated! Customers' Comments Don't Reflect the Score They Give Me. Why?
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Janet is frustrated. She is getting great comments on the customer surveys, but her metric for whether customers would recommend her to others remains below their goal. She’s in a pickle and has come to the Intuitive Customer Podcast team for help. In this episode, we explore what Janet can do at her organization to get that metric where she needs it to be. We share suggestions for Janet’s customer strategy that are both tactical and practical—that might help you boost your performance metrics, too.
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One of our listeners in Finland is in a pickle. Anna wants to operationalize journey mapping to make their Customer Experience more customer centric. Perhaps more importantly, she wants these improvements to prove practical and effective rather than viewed as a “soft and fluffy” exercise that is...
Published 01/29/22
I started Beyond Philosophy 20 years ago when Customer Experience was the next big thing; the new concept that was going to change everything in business. The last big thing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), was old news. After all, everyone had one at that point.  Now, in 2022, I see the...
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