Is Customer Experience Really The New Marketing? Join The debate!
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Which came first: the marketing team or Customer Experience? You can't have an experience if you don't have an offer or brand promise. But you can't have an experience made of definitions, planning, and projections, either. So, is Customer Experience the new marketing? Or is it another department that works alongside it? In this episode, we discuss the relationship between the two teams. We also come to an agreement about the answer to our question and find the two sides are not as far apart as we thought.
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We just want to keep what is ours—even if we got it for free. It’s a psychological concept called the Endowment Effect, and it might be a significant reason people respond well to free trials. In some cases, people are willing to start paying for something rather than lose the free thing they now...
Published 09/25/21
Returning customers are great. They usually cost less to attract and buy more than new customers. In many ways, a returning customer is a badge of honor, showing that your experience was at least worthy of a second visit. So, how do you get (and keep) returning customers? In this episode, we...
Published 09/18/21
You likely don’t know how the last ad buy affected Customer Experience. Sure, maybe the numbers, but not the rest. Moreover, you probably didn’t know how you segment customers set up that outcome or how customer expectations have changed. Unfortunately, that means you probably don’t know how your...
Published 09/11/21