Is Your Marketing Inadvertently Damaging Your Customer Focus?
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You likely don’t know how the last ad buy affected Customer Experience. Sure, maybe the numbers, but not the rest. Moreover, you probably didn’t know how you segment customers set up that outcome or how customer expectations have changed. Unfortunately, that means you probably don’t know how your marketing damaged your customer focus. But we can help. In this episode, we share how we assess an organizations’ customer centricity in the areas of Customer Strategy, Marketing, and Customer Expectations.
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If you only talk to people who agree with you, how will you know there is a problem? How will you progress? Disagreeing that we should train Customer Experience is a great example. If we don’t hear criticism about how we do it now, how can we improve? In this episode, we speak with Alex Mead,...
Published 10/16/21
Great business insights with a touch of humor, all put over in a clear, easy-to-understand way.  Each week we discuss how you can gain and retain more customers and solve business problems. We look at the theory of how and why Customers make decisions and then break this down into practical...
Published 10/14/21
Few of us listen to other opinions the way we should. We tend to stick to ours and find resources that support them. However, thinking this way, while natural, does not facilitate new ideas. Only by introducing other people’s opinions can you get to a new way of thinking. In this episode, we...
Published 10/09/21