We're back! Brisbane, Vunerability, DMT, Byron Bae and getting laid after 9 years of no sex...
Published 08/09/20
Thank you to everyone for your support so far, getting some incredible downloads and looking forward to doing more episodes. Also available on Youtube
Published 07/26/20
Botox, Porn, Penis sizes, Mental Health and "The Suss."
Published 07/19/20
Shagging your ex, hinge profiles, pineapple on pizza and much more. 
Published 07/11/20
In this podcast I talk about not just what, not just how but instead why I have done some of the things I have, hope you enjoy.  www.jamessmith.live
Published 07/07/20
Rimming, Perfume, Lingerie and being present in the moment. Follow us on Instagram @fairpointspodcast
Published 07/04/20
Join us in the car this week to shoot the shit with the boys. No topic is off as we all go under the bous for the pouss.
Published 06/27/20
Few lads go under the bus, find out about my arrest, Ferris' X-Factor auditions and lots more.
Published 06/20/20
Today I have a candid chat with @hollytbaxter as we chat about all areas of competing, dieting in fitness.
Published 06/19/20
In this episode we talk Reverse Dieting, BCAA supplementation and much more. Find Layne on socials with @biolayne
Published 06/16/20
Hold tight, this one is a big one. We talk about some very personal topics.
Published 06/13/20
The great British swim, mindset, resilience, strategy and much more. Ross' book The Art of Resilience is out now. 
Published 06/09/20
This week we discuss mental health, racism, relationships and Sonny learns how to not nostril breathe into the microphone. 
Published 06/07/20
DMT, Magic Mushrooms, Hinge Swipes, George Floyd and Jeffrey Epstein Docco on Netflix
Published 05/31/20
Muslimimity, relationships and many more aspects are discussed with @ferris_l and @sonnywebstergb in this first of many new 'non fitness' podcasts coming.
Published 05/25/20
Today I talk about the future and current landscape of home training. I express some of the issues I find surrounding comparisons and even explain a few lessons we can learn from 'The Last Dance' documentary. 
Published 05/20/20
We talk wrestling, jiu jitsu, content and lots more including how I once nearly traded my sister for 2 camels in Petra. 
Published 04/30/20
Garmins, lessons from running, general tips and experiences of my weeks as an amateur runner during COVID19.
Published 04/29/20
Published 04/29/20
(Also available on YouTube on the 'James Smith Media' channel) In this podcast I speak about issues I've personally faced and ways I go about managing my own mental health during COVID-19. I also talk about false positivity and some things that are annoying me right now during self-isolation.
Published 03/26/20
Paul is a friend, mentor, peer and an integral player in my development from a gym floor PT to where I am today. We talk all things business, mental health and personal development. @paulmort11 on Instagram
Published 01/28/20
In this episode I talk through the books that changed my life to date.
Published 01/13/20
This has to be one of my favourite podcasts ever dispelling many fitness fallacies with Ben Cokayne Carpenter, yeah that's his middle name.
Published 10/16/19
Today we're joined by Lord Lucy and Kiran Dartel
Published 10/04/19
In this episode I explain the differences between exercising and training whilst also addressing the elephant in the room that being skinner does not mean sexier.
Published 09/24/19