Today joined by the very knowledgeable Jordan Sullivan - we talk all things weight manipulation, strategies for better performance in training and lots more, this is a corker - also available on YouTube - 'James Smith Media'
Published 05/18/21
Today I'm joined by Ant Middleton, Multiple times best selling author and also Sunday Times #1 Best Selling Author with well over a million copies of his books sold worldwide.  You can find Ant at @antmiddleton and this episode is available on YouTube too if you search 'James Smith Media'
Published 05/09/21
Diren joins us before heading back to the UK, we have a fun filled episode covering the best Ramadan protocol to what it's like to take magic mushrooms 🍄  ENJOY @fairpointspodcast
Published 04/15/21
Paul Mort, friend, mentor and all round good bloke joins me again on the podcast. We discuss mental health, current issues lots of people are facing and his new audiobook 'Paul Mort - I can save your life'. Lots of nuggets in this one, don't miss out. @paulmort1
Published 03/09/21
Cricket vs Football, Mates Dating Your Exes, Space vs Religion under the boooouus we go. 
Published 03/06/21
Shona puts me under some heat talking about attachment theory, dating, intimacy and lots of other topics I'm sure you guys will find very interesting. @shona_vertue
Published 03/05/21
Today Erin McNaught joins Diren and I to talk about Miss Universe pageant, being Miss Australia, what it's like on SAS Australia and what Donald Trump is like in person (plus much more.) 
Published 02/15/21
Today Diren and I are joined b musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. Today Diren and I are joined b musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. His name arose due to his initials being E.G., which is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase exempli gratia ("for example").
Published 02/13/21
@Drmikethe2nd on instagram.
Published 02/12/21
We're in Noosa talking about the upcoming tour, life on the road and some Q&A from the listeners.
Published 02/06/21
Diren is out of quarantine and today we just shoot the shit on life back in Australia. 
Published 01/22/21
Today I'm joined by a future Brazilian Jiu Jitsu superstar Izaak Michell. Izaak is one of my instructors in No-Gi and is making waves on the competition circuit taking names. Izaak has experience training with the 'Danaher Death Squad' and brings some of his insights to the podcast in this episode. Great listen. @izaakmichellbjj
Published 01/14/21
Today I'm joined by friend, business acquaintant, and part time workout buddy Lachy Rowston. Lachy is a gym owner, podcast host, entrepreneur and is one of few Australian men who can handle British banter.  We talk about WHOOP bands and his promo code for a discount is: MMPFF (it's not a promotion, I literally used it ordering mine) https://join.whoop.com/en-au/mmp
Published 01/12/21
Today Lucy Lord joins me for a candid chat in her kitchen about her new book, life out of quarantine and general chit chat from LSD to my ex girlfriends.
Published 01/07/21
Meet the housemates today as we talk about favourite sex positions, how to break up with someone, who has the worst lid and much more. 
Published 12/19/20
Delighted to have Jay on this week who many of you will recognise from SAS Who Dares Wins. We have a great chat and you can find him at @jay__morton on social media.
Published 11/10/20
Today I'm joined by New York Times Best Selling Author James Clear. James has sold over a Million copies of his book "atomic habits". It's a great chat and I'm very fortunate to have him on. Enjoy
Published 10/26/20
Absolute corker from the boys this week. 
Published 10/25/20
Find out what a Blumpkin is, why you never want to actually know and much more.
Published 10/17/20
Another belter, enjoy, also on YouTube under 'James Smith Media'
Published 09/26/20
Just chatting about stuff, watch us on YouTube 'James Smith Media'
Published 09/20/20
Just having a chat, that's it. 
Published 09/19/20
This week we asked 6 different topics to the listeners from weirdest sexual fantasies, biggest turn offs and lots more. We hope you guys enjoy!  @fairpointspodcast
Published 09/12/20
An open discussion on mental health, covid implications, life advice, my book tour and finished off with a Q&A. 45 mins, some could say succinct. 
Published 09/07/20
Lots of questions answered in this fantastic Q&A episode and Ferris takes a roasting from James.
Published 08/26/20