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Jay Rayner and his rabble of food experts are in Aberystwyth to advise on all your culinary conundrums. The panel discuss the best vegetarian fillings for sushi, and their favourite form of breakfast tomato. They also address the truly difficult question - how many layers should the perfect burger have? Alongside the panel chitchat, recipes and debates, Jay talks to local chef and forager Nathan Davies about the taste, texture and uses of birch syrup. Later in the show, we hear from Latifa Najjar, head of the Syrian Dinner Project charity, about the comforting Syrian dish, maqluba. Producer: Bethany Hocken Assistant Producer: Dulcie Whadcock Executive Producer: Ollie Wilson A Somethin’ Else production for BBC Radio 4
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Jay Rayner and his of panel of food experts are in Woolwich, London for this week's episode. Joining Jay at Woolwich Works are cooks and food writers Melissa Thompson, Tim Anderson, Lerato Umah-Shaylor, and first timer Will Hughes, aka What Willy Cook. The panel discusses festivals dedicated...
Published 06/15/24
Published 06/15/24
Jay Rayner and his rabble of culinary connoisseurs are in Doncaster. Joining Jay are food writers Sumayya Usmani and Tim Hayward, chef Rachel McCormack and food historian Dr Annie Gray. Whether it be inventive fillings for jacket potatoes or their most loved school dinners, the panel put their...
Published 06/08/24