#224: The Mindful Kind // 7 Productivity Tips for Working From Home
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Hello and welcome to episode 224 of The Mindful Kind podcast.  Since I've been working from home for the majority of the last 2 years, I thought I'd share some effective productivity tips to help you stay on track (and still have plenty of time to relax!).  Tip 1: Start working at the same time each day after finishing your morning routine Tip 2: Minimise distractions (like music and the tv)  Tip 3: When motivation disappears, take three deep breaths and persevere for 10 minutes. If this doesn't help, move on to Tip 4 Tip 4: Have a list of important things to do (other than work). When you get really stuck on work tasks, do something from the list and then return to your work  Tip 5: Complete at least three work tasks each day (even if they're just small tasks. I use Trello for time management and I learned some great strategies from Matt East's book, The Purposeful Planning Method  Tip 6: Take regular mindful breaks Tip 7: Be self-compassionate, give yourself time to adjust, and reward yourself for your efforts If you would like more support and guidance, be sure to check out one-on-one coaching with me at rachaelkable.com/mindfulnesscoaching.  Thank you so much for listening and take care, Mindful Kind. 
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