4th Quarter Reset for a Productive Year End
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This week we’ll talk about doing a meaningful reset as we head into the last quarter of the year and the coming holiday season. This year has gone fast! But there's still time to reflect on what's gone well, what needs improvement, and what you'd like to accomplish next year We are now into the 4th quarter of the year with just 3 months left of this year. The holidays are approaching quickly. This is a good time to do a reset and get ready to make the most of the last three months of the year.  But why now? It's sort of like the last stretch of a race or the fourth quarter of an American football game--a push to finish well. There is nothing otherwise particularly special about October or the 4th quarter. We can do a reset any day. But there’s a symbolic value to this particular time that makes it useful as a trigger or reminder to pause, reset our home and our habits, set ourselves up for the year-end holidays, and make sure we’re on track for making a life that matters as we each define it for ourself.  This isn’t about identifying what’s wrong with you or your life and “fixing” it. It’s an opportunity to pause, take a look back and a look ahead, and set things in order for a strong finish to the year. In her blog post, one writer says, “A good reset involves aligning the daily actions of your life with your overall goals and desires.” [from 20 Ways to Reset Your Life This Fall]  The nice thing about pausing now is there’s still enough time--about 12 weeks--left in the year to make real progress in whatever areas matter to us, and enough time to get ready for the year-end holidays. Areas to reset Home  Joanna Gaines, on the Magnolia blog, talks about how October for her is a time of beginning and shares how she approaches it, starting with considering what to purge--from her mind and from her home. She even offers a one-page printable you can use to list what to purge, what to organize, ways to shift mentally, and ways to visually reset.  Use this time to do a wardrobe reset. One writer’s suggestion: “Go through your closets and get rid of any spring/summer clothes you did not wear this year. Take a look at your winter stuff too, especially coats, and donate the stuff you know you won’t wear this year. (The fall is a perfect time to donate winter attire to a local nonprofit serving people experiencing homelessness.) Then, organize your winter gear to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze; get a basket for each member of your family to store their hats, gloves, etc.” [see 5 Ways to Reset for Fall]  Do the same for your kitchen and the living areas of your home: declutter, clean, make space and make ready for the holiday season; help your kids purge their toys, etc., to make space for incoming gifts. I want to do the same for my office. December is historically an extremely busy month for my legal work, so I want to make sure my workspace is clear, clean, functional, and a pleasant place to work in, because I’ll be spending a lot of time there between now and the end of the year. Health  This is a good time to rethink your eating and exercise approach. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, can you plan some healthier meals and some workouts, so you’re feeling your best as we move into the holiday season? Maybe grab a new workout outfit or sign up for a class at the gym (or online) to boost your motivation.  Make time for some self-care in the form of time blocked out to relax. I have a small stack of books I’m looking forward t...
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