Ty and Dan invite Nate Tice of Yahoo Sports and The Athletic back onto the pod to discuss the biggest points of intrigue for college football fans following the NFL Draft.
Published 04/18/24
Ranking College Football Coaches with the xDABO Scale - Part 2
Published 04/16/24
Ty and Dan introduce the xDABO Scale, their own metric for grading the best coaches in college football.
Published 04/11/24
With a looming solar eclipse, Ty and Dan talk through the stars of the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Big 12, Mountain West and Sun Belt and discuss which conference opponents stand the best chance of blocking out their light in 2024 and beyond.
Published 04/09/24
Ty and Dan put together a primer for spring football by discussing the new situations, players, and transfers that will be the most interesting to track through spring and into the fall. Which spring seeds will bear fruit? Plus, a conversation with Michael Felder from the Hand in the Dirt podcast on spring football's place in the modern college football calendar, the status of his garden and a brief power ranking of backyard critters.
Published 04/04/24
Ty and Dan round out their CFB (Minor) Grievances Bracket with 32 suggestions from the Verballerhood.
Published 04/02/24
In the spirit of March Madness, Ty and Dan bracket up their 32 most moderately annoying things about college football and talk through which items deserve to move on. From randomly grainy broadcasts to curious two-point conversion attempts and indecisive rules analysts, this look at the minor grievances around college football will have you on the edge of your seat.
Published 03/26/24
Ty and Dan are joined by Larry Williams from TigerIllustrated.com to dig into the news that Clemson is suing the ACC in an attempt to challenge the validity of the league's gigantic exit fees and maligned grant of rights. What happens next if Clemson (or anyone else) is able to overthrow the agreement on which the conference is built?
Published 03/21/24
In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan react to the news that the College Football Playoff is expanding to 14 teams starting in 2026 with unequal revenue sharing that benefits the Big Ten and SEC. What does this mean for the sport and what might happen next? Plus, a nostalgic look back at some of the best teams and moments from the last decade of the four-team CFP era.
Published 03/19/24
Ty and Dan take a step back and discuss the State of the College Football Union. From the House floor, Ty delivers an impassioned speech on why college football is headed in the right direction, amid conference realignment, NIL chaos, playoff expansion, and more. From his home office, Dan offers a pointed rebuttal.
Published 03/14/24
In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan unveil Take-A-Toa, their gigantic model volcano into which they will cast the hottest CFB takes throughout 2024. With help from around the Verballerhood, they throw a handful of thoughts into the crater, including an unlikely outcome for Jalen Milroe, a surprise start for Colorado football, a cinderella in the ACC title game and the specific day on which Billy Napier will be fired by Florida football.
Published 03/12/24
In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan react to Arch Manning's decision to opt out of the College Football 25 video game, ESPN's article on the minutiae of Nick Saban's retirement and Neal Brown's extension at West Virginia. Plus, a look around college football and a conversation about what some of the nation's most intriguing teams need to prove in the upcoming 2024 college football season.
Published 03/07/24
In our latest college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan take a look at college football's best returning QBs and try to sort out their own rankings, at least in response to ESPN's offseason QB rankings. Highlighted by Georgia's Carson Beck, Oregon's Dillon Gabriel, Texas's Quinn Ewers, Alabama's Jalen Milroe, and Ohio State's Will Howard, they talk about how scared opposing fans should be if these QBs were about to start a potential game winning drive, and the players/coaches influencing...
Published 03/05/24
It's Part 2 of our gigantic Q&A to round out February. In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan work through an overflowing inbox and address the Verballerhood's biggest questions. Will the Big Ten and SEC eventually kill college football as we know it? Is the Group of Five dead as a result of current and future coaching defections? Does college football need a CEO? Which way-too-early top 10 teams will be flops? Which college football traditions are the best? Plus, what...
Published 02/29/24
Ty and Dan field questions from the Verballerhood around the "ick factor" of a potential second playoff expansion, the ongoing madness with NIL rules and enforcement, a very specific ACC hypothetical, the eternal question of whether you're too old to play the new EA Sports College Football 25 video game, and more.
Published 02/27/24
The 5+7 CFP Model & the Built-In Advantages for Notre Dame
Published 02/22/24
The Coaching Carousel has (mostly) stopped spinning. In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan examine some of the most prominent coaching moves around CFB and discuss the direct and indirect effects of each.
Published 02/20/24
On Valentine's Day, Ty and Dan evaluate the health of some of the most notable coach/fan base marriages in college football. What is the state of James Franklin's relationship with the Penn State fandom? Are Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss living happily ever after? Is PJ Fleck secretly on Tinder? And what happened to Sonny Dykes that one night in Bali?
Published 02/15/24
Ty and Dan are joined by Bruce Feldman (Fox Sports, The Athletic) to talk through the effects of Chip Kelly's move to Ohio State as the next Buckeyes offensive coordinator. What does it mean for Ryan Day and what is the state of the program that he leaves behind for new UCLA coach Deshaun Foster? Plus, does Kelly's move hint at more coaches fleeing the drastic changes that have thrown college football into a state of disarray?
Published 02/13/24
With the college football season officially in the books, it's time for careful reflection on some of the great misses from 2023. In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan join forces with Andy Staples, a board-certified Wrongcologist (and CFB luminary), and take a look back at some of their worst takes from this past season. From giving the USC Trojans defense the benefit of the doubt to writing off Neal Brown at West Virginia and putting too much trust in Drew Allar at Penn State...
Published 02/08/24
With the 2023 college football season in the books, it's time to reflect on last year's biggest hires. In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan determine invent and arbitrary Vanilla Ice Index and catalog the best and worst problems solves among the class of first year coaches. How do the likes of Colorado's Deion Sanders, Nebraska's Matt Rhule, Wisconsin's Luke Fickell, Auburn's Hugh Freeze, Louisville's Jeff Brohm, Arizona State's Kenny Dillingham, and others rank relative to...
Published 02/06/24
College football's offseason is (sort of) here and it's time to take a moment of reflection. In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan are joined by Ari Wasserman from The Athletic to take a look back at the key storylines that emerged during CFB bowl season and discuss which situations have the most heat going into spring and the 2024 season as a whole. Plus, a quick chat about the NCAA's investigation of the Tennessee Volunteers football program for NIL violations and Michigan's...
Published 02/01/24
Ty and Dan take a look at the strategies of bigtime programs this offseason and discuss which schools (and new coaches) made the biggest impact via the transfer portal.
Published 01/30/24
Ty and Dan convene an emergency session to talk through their reaction to Jim Harbaugh's departure and the potential ramifications for the Michigan Wolverines moving forward
Published 01/25/24