260. 3 Proven Ways to Build Endurance (Least to Most Risky!)
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While endurance may not be the sexiest word when it comes to better running, it is certainly the most essential. Endurance is a broad term that applies to every aspect of your running, whether you are looking to run longer, faster, or both! But in order to build endurance, you first need to start with consistency. While there is no magic bullet to running faster, consistency in training is about as close as it gets.   In this episode of the podcast I’ll go in depth about each of the three strategies you can use to improve your endurance. While the second and third options each carry slightly more risk since they involve faster or longer, sustained efforts, they can all be safe, useful training tools when applied correctly: Lowest risk option: Run higher mileage, especially at an easy/recovery effort. You can also supplement with aerobic cross-training to increase volume. Moderate risk: Make your long runs longer, eventually adding some pace-specific work. Higher risk: Aerobic workouts, such as lactate threshold runs, and half-marathon and marathon pace efforts.  No matter where you're at in your journey as a runner, you can always continue to build your endurance.  Enjoy this episode that offers strategies for everyone! Links & Resources from the Show: Learn more about building your baseline mileage Find out how to run consistently and avoid injury Listen to David Roche talk about running long Check out recovery strategies the pros use Thank you Impossible Sleep! We’re also supported by Impossible Sleep, a new performance sleep drink to help high performers get the most out of their nightly rest. Impossible Sleep is a melatonin free sleep drink mix that provides deep recovery while gently lulling you to sleep. It only has two ingredients, with magnesium to promote muscle recovery and deep sleep, and L-theanine for a subtle calming effect that helps you wind down at the end of the day. High achieving runners have to prioritize their sleep - it’s like a performance enhancing drug that allows us to absorb our training, improve, and race faster. The Impossible Sleep drink helps you optimize your bedtime routine so you can get as much deep recovery as possible. When you consider that studies have shown that sleep loss can lead to glucose imbalances, increased anxiety, and your risk of getting sick, it’s a no-brainer to get as much high quality sleep as you can. Learn more about Impossible Sleep drink and be sure to use code Jason20 to save 20% on your first subscription order. Thank You SAYSKY! SAYSKY is a running apparel brand from Copenhagen with a unique, urban, minimalist vibe that I love. See all of their amazing gear at saysky.us. Their mission is to elevate the apparel scene of running and nurse the next generation of athletes who love this sport, but also have a laid back mindset. Their products include long sleeve shirts, to t-shirts, half-tights, and full-length tights, base layers, sports bras, singlets, shorts… you name it. But it’s not just their selection and style that speaks to me, they also carry environmentally responsible products. Look for the ‘Responsible’ logo and you can rest assured that that product is made from at least 40% recycled material, biodegradable, organic, or with natural fibers that are processed responsibility. This year, at least 50% of their products will be labeled responsible and they hope to be at 75% by 2025. Get yourself some stylish, environmentally responsible, and incredibly high quality gear at saysky.us. 
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