Russ tunes up Jim on his sports takes .. again ! What's with multiple captains on a team ?? Should a player be allowed to play with charges pending and Russ's take on hitting in hockey with lethal shoulder/elbow pads .. Russ talks about his defining moment as pro hockey player and sage advice for young players coming into the league .. NHL owner bounces cheque's at a casino and a hilarious story of him and another player comparing paycheques
Published 09/18/19
Russ without hesitation tells us his #1 Canadian sports story...rookie's have to buy dinner but that much ?? Yikes! ...a great moment where Gordie Howe helped a new guy, and whether you should call out players on your own team? Russ did it and he's been called out ... guys breaking team curfew and .. what were your first pair of skates ? Wait til you hear what Russ's were ... all that and much more
Published 09/10/19
Russ doesn't hold back with his opinion on owners , guaranteed contracts and why players should make the rules. They chat about some hilarious chirps heard on the ice and share an absolutely amazing story of 3 players coming to the rescue of 2 women in trouble outside of a bar
Published 09/04/19
Russ takes questions from listeners and his answers might surprise you... Russ shares his reaction to a professional athlete up and quitting in the middle of his career and the boys share some crazy stuff at parties they've been to.
Published 08/27/19
Russ talks about a professional athlete protesting at a game during the national anthem like Colin Kaepernick did in the NFL, whether professional athletes have to live to a different standard in their private lives, Russ and his teammates protesting when a strip joint burnt down
Published 08/20/19
The boys talk about the greatest Canadian sporting moments, Russ completely shuts down Jim on his idea for the Hockey Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees, Jim talks about the time he pulled the pin at the altar, and the offside nickname that Marty Mcsorley gave to a guy.
Published 07/04/19
A guy on the Stanley Cup parade route misses his turn - yikes! Rusty weighs in on the NHL draft, a couple of more "Jimmy being too drunk " stories, and all the inside stuff you never knew about Russ (like that his wife is famous!).
Published 06/25/19
St Louis Blues win the cup! The boys hit us with crazy Championship celebrations, Jimmy posing for all to see in his 'birthday suit ', Brett Hull's victory speech (burp!), a punch up with our brothers, and a tender moment from the newly crowned US Open Golf Champion.
Published 06/20/19
Russ is gonna tell us there's a special kinda of athlete who knows how to win, out take on the Stanley Cup Final, fans throw dildos onto the ice at a hockey game in Sweden (WTF?!) and how a friend of Russ's convinced women to sleep with him despite wearing a court ordered ankle tracking bracelet!
Published 06/12/19
The boys talk about why players would go over to Russia - what kinda $$ are they making? The greatest plays in hockey, why players are crazy superstitious and, oh ya...Russ does the show drunk.
Published 06/03/19
Who's to blame when teams go bad? It's not who you think...The best insults heard on the ice, an outrageous prank played on Russ's brother, Geoff, Brett Hull has no filter and signs that Jungle and Russ are getting old.
Published 06/03/19
Is women's pro hockey done? Why Russ's golf trip cost a buddy a $25,000 fine, Jungle's hilarious night at the strippers, a tennis ball machine on an overweight goalie and find out what Jungle's one deal breaker is on a date.
Published 06/03/19
We learn about Jungle's mother, award-winning punishments, Russ talks the toughest and dirtiest guys ever, we hear about Jungle's weird Stanley Cup celebration with Paul Coffey and how he cheated on his exams.
Published 05/31/19
Russ talks about retirement - it's not for everyone. Are coaches making too much money? Why players make bad coaches, how to handle assholes on your team and Jungle gives us some (highly unqualified) marriage advice.
Published 05/31/19
In the first episode, hear how mean Russ was the first time he met Jungle, what happened when Russ and his drunk teammates phoned into a radio show, how to protect superstars and Jungle's fight with his leaf blowing neighbor.
Published 05/29/19