How did Russ become so successful as a business man ? Why Cam Neely is the best manager in hockey - maybe in all sports !! We've both had experiences with actor Tom Arnold - not good experiences but totally hilarious ones! Why was Russ more well known than his brother Geoff...Interesting Don't feel bad...even Russ got taken by a car dealer. Jim had to lie down in a bunker for five minutes on the golf course. Russ knew King Clancy!
Published 01/22/20
Rusty picks his toughest guys but they're also the softest...what??...you'll be surprised. Great strategy on how to avoid fighting the killer goon when you're supposed to take him on. Jimmy thinks he has his best take...Russ says it's his worst. You wanna run a guy ? Fine, but you better be prepared for what comes next. Goalies are weird. Gretzky's son can get into places Wayne can't. Players who have embarrassed themselves.
Published 01/14/20
What it's like in Russ' house, watching an NFL game his daughter's boyfriend is playing in? No fun! The Canadian kids bring home gold...and Russ and Jim both missed it! Should NHL players be in the Olympics? A kid's father forgets to bring him to practice and the coach benches the kid! Really? Former Habs' coach Scotty Bowman is not as nice as you think. How 2 NHL GM's (we give names!) fooled former North Stars' GM Lou Nanne into drafting Brian Lawton first overall. And much more...
Published 01/07/20
The beautiful side of professional hockey players... More hilarity about John Brophy.. Geoff Courtnal absolutely ripping Mark Crawford on the bench.. How Rusty transitioned from fame to every day life.. Always the one drunk guy at every Christmas party... Pranks galore!!
Published 12/29/19
A great discussion about defining moments in athletes careers .. Rusty went tailgating this week for an NFL game.. no fun there right ? Patriots are being accused of videoing coach's giving signs while Courtnall tells us they had a spy on the bench. Autograph seekers making money off players... Is that fair? Plus, who wants more fighting in the NHL? I do !!
Published 12/19/19
More players have come forward to complain about abuse from their coaches... What does Russ have to say about that... Who can afford to go to hockey games anymore... Ovechkin says I'm going to play until I break Gretzky's record... If he can break it... Russ and his brother were in a huge bar fight and the best bar fight that Russ has ever seen....more
Published 12/10/19
Russ's daughter Brooklyn pops on the show and gives us the lowdown on Russ Amazing story about NFL'er Eric Kendricks....Ally Courtnall's boyfriend from tough times to superstar. Rusty is very outspoken about the Bill Peters firing in Calgary.. And advice for parents who think their kid should be in the NHL. Plus, you think you spent a lot on a bottle of wine!!!
Published 12/03/19
Mike Babcock gets fired and there is some fallout from players... Should they be saying anything ..well according to Russ...? What's the solution for intent to injure penalties? Is Russ too harsh on this? How Geoff Courtnall saved a big suspension by picking up the phone.. Rusty says he's a bad poker player .. There's a guy who thinks he isn't...
Published 11/27/19
One of the best stories on our show so far... Russ gets in a fight with his coach Pat Burns... Award-winning ..He was involved in one of the most lopsided trades in hockey .... the demise of the leafs... And some final thoughts on the Don Cherry firing.. plus tons more !
Published 11/20/19
Don Cherry gets fired after 37 Yrs doing Coaches Corner, Russ is unpredictable on this... A topic not discussed often - Should athletes get contract bonuses for personal achievements? The Hound line rears it's ugly head..Rusty played when the Montreal / Quebec rivalry was alive! Do you think your member guest golf tournament is good? Wait until you hear about the one rusty played in!
Published 11/13/19
Russ hosts a ripping party and we get the celebs who attended..If you want to join Russell's golf club they've got a special on... Really! How the hell did a Grammy and an Emmy award end up in Courtnall's house for good? The manager of the World Series champs... Dave Martinez... Lived at Russ' place in Montreal... Crazy! And ... Rusty boy tunes up coaches in the NHL
Published 11/05/19
Rusty hits Beverly Hills for a wicked party Jungle loves to bet .. craziest wager we've ever seen.. Russ was invited to play golf with Tiger Woods... He said no!!!! The Courtnall brothers owned a bar in Vancouver... How'd that go for ya? ..and .. RC is not a big fan of LeBron
Published 10/31/19
The boys weigh in on a couple of times their kids were in trouble .. Russ almost got sent to the minors.. How a bricklayer become an NHL owner and..coaches can't do what they used to be able to do when trying to discipline players
Published 10/24/19
That's right! Rusty almost threw his name in the hat to be a member of Parliament. Hear a fantastic story about Mark Messier taking over from the coach in the dressing room, hear the best answer Jim's ever heard on why superstar players don't make good coaches, and a record that will never fall (it's not what you think!) Russ blows his top about a former player.. plug your ears!
Published 10/15/19
Coach John Brophy's famous rant retold ..priceless ! Remember Todd Bertuzzi and the crazy incident with Steve Moore?? Rusty has his take on that and you might be shocked. An Outstanding prank that Jeff Courtnall laid down during a skills competition, the real story on Marty Mcsorley and the measured blade infraction and you will not believe what an opposing player did to Michel Goulet's helmet...
Published 10/09/19
Russ has lots to say on the Austin Matthews criminal charges... What should we do about the NHL not playing in the Olympics?.. Jimmy is pissed at a Canadian Olympian going to compete for the US team, hecklers in sports and players revenge
Published 10/01/19
Packed show! Would Russ take less money to play in a certain city? He would change the players age limit in the minors .. what?? His thoughts on teams tanking a season on purpose. Is 3 on 3 and the shootout a good way to settle overtime ? We've come up with alternative ! And...Jim is an absolute sucker!!
Published 09/25/19
Russ tunes up Jim on his sports takes .. again ! What's with multiple captains on a team ?? Should a player be allowed to play with charges pending and Russ's take on hitting in hockey with lethal shoulder/elbow pads .. Russ talks about his defining moment as pro hockey player and sage advice for young players coming into the league .. NHL owner bounces cheque's at a casino and a hilarious story of him and another player comparing paycheques
Published 09/18/19
Russ without hesitation tells us his #1 Canadian sports story...rookie's have to buy dinner but that much ?? Yikes! ...a great moment where Gordie Howe helped a new guy, and whether you should call out players on your own team? Russ did it and he's been called out ... guys breaking team curfew and .. what were your first pair of skates ? Wait til you hear what Russ's were ... all that and much more
Published 09/10/19
Russ doesn't hold back with his opinion on owners , guaranteed contracts and why players should make the rules. They chat about some hilarious chirps heard on the ice and share an absolutely amazing story of 3 players coming to the rescue of 2 women in trouble outside of a bar
Published 09/04/19
Russ takes questions from listeners and his answers might surprise you... Russ shares his reaction to a professional athlete up and quitting in the middle of his career and the boys share some crazy stuff at parties they've been to.
Published 08/27/19
Russ talks about a professional athlete protesting at a game during the national anthem like Colin Kaepernick did in the NFL, whether professional athletes have to live to a different standard in their private lives, Russ and his teammates protesting when a strip joint burnt down
Published 08/20/19
The boys talk about the greatest Canadian sporting moments, Russ completely shuts down Jim on his idea for the Hockey Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees, Jim talks about the time he pulled the pin at the altar, and the offside nickname that Marty Mcsorley gave to a guy.
Published 07/04/19
A guy on the Stanley Cup parade route misses his turn - yikes! Rusty weighs in on the NHL draft, a couple of more "Jimmy being too drunk " stories, and all the inside stuff you never knew about Russ (like that his wife is famous!).
Published 06/25/19
St Louis Blues win the cup! The boys hit us with crazy Championship celebrations, Jimmy posing for all to see in his 'birthday suit ', Brett Hull's victory speech (burp!), a punch up with our brothers, and a tender moment from the newly crowned US Open Golf Champion.
Published 06/20/19