Russ gives us the ins and outs of negotiating contracts and how some bad luck left a lot of money on the table ..how much he made and advice for young NHL'ers An absolutely riveting story about retired player Gary Nylund and how he put his own life on the line to safe someone else's Did players really smoke in the dressing room during games? He loved his linemate Kostopolous. The Pat Mahomes contract The NHL's Return to Play plan All this and much ! Much more !!
Published 07/08/20
We were delayed with the holiday but Jim still wanted to quickly say hello and assure you that a new show is coming up Wednesday morning!
Published 07/07/20
You do not want to room with Russ on the road. Just ask Brian Skrudland or Ray Ferraro. Yes, Courtnall got thrown in jail and should've again for the golf cart stunt. What's up with the draft lottery? It's stupid! Russ has so many remarkable experiences from hockey but probably his favourite happened when he was 10 years old. Which 3 cities have the craziest fans ? Kevin Lowe gets into the Hall of Fame but certainly not for this move he pulled on our boy Rusty. Jimmy finally with a fresh joke !
Published 06/30/20
We tackle the very disturbing story about abusive hazing that happened with Daniel Carcillo in his junior days in 2002 What's the role of the coach with players away from the game ? These are tough days but Russ tells a hilarious story from a party he was at What does Tony Robbins have to do with Lars Eller's Stanley cup winning goal? Jimmys going on a date! At least he thinks it's a date
Published 06/23/20
Live sports came back and the competitors played better. No fans, no problem! The boys agree the Michael Jordan doc is the best...ever! Russ wins a lot of money golfing and so did Jimmy. Who doesn't like a good rookie camp story? Fights and all.
Published 06/16/20
The boys sit down with Russ's brother Geoff Courtnall and he covers it all .. His life and hockey career...a Stanley Cup champ. The brothers rise to NHL'ers. A coach with his own kids on the team. Suspensions What knocked him out of the game. His battle with some very dark days. Philanthropy And some absolute hilarity
Published 06/09/20
Russ Courtnall knows first hand what it's like to be a victim of racism and on this show he tells us of his children, his wife and how all of them have experienced this total injustice and...he's had enough!
Published 06/03/20
Russ plays golf with a couple of mega stars and has dinner with another one. Yes, there's going to be a 3 on 3 professional hockey league. Think it'll work ? The NHL is going to have some sort of season this year. Lessons Courtnall learned from the greats of the game. Some pro players are happy with average.
Published 05/27/20
It's our 50th show and WAYNE GRETZKY joins Russ and Jim this week! The Great One talks candidly about: • What makes him nervous • Advice for parents with kids • The stunt he pulled on Mike Weir • His dad Walter • Brett Hull • Paul Henderson • Dustin Johnson • His kids • Janet Gretzky • The Prime Minister • Kid Rock And much, much more...!
Published 05/19/20
Russ gives us a list of the best trips he's been on. NHL'er Brendan Leipsic carves up a bunch of players and wives on social media...not good. Jimmy's mother was priceless. Rick Tocchet is the brunt of merciless jokes. Russ gives us his stand up comic routine. And the answer to: Which team is going to be in trouble when the NHL fires back up?
Published 05/12/20
The boys disagree about hockey coming back. Jimmy needs tricks as he ticks off the years. Signs you need to retire. Roger Neilson found loopholes in the rules so they had to change them. and...RUSS GOT NAKED ON A GOLF COURSE!
Published 05/05/20
I ask Rusty to tell us a bunch of "firsts " that happened for him A hilarious story about a fight this player was not supposed to lose but got annihilated People can't get enough of Courtnall running Mike Vernon during the Stanley Cup final How to get people off your golf course A great interview with 6 time Stanley Cup champ Kevin Lowe
Published 04/28/20
Published 04/28/20
Get Serious? We tried but it didn't last. Who in the NHL just walked away from 17mil ? The league is floating plans about saving the season..and players think it will be the toughest Cup to win Some of the fallout from COVID-19 has more than a few fans saying they won't attend games even after things get back to normal Thoughts on NHL expansion Russ had a summer job!! And you'll be puzzled how he's passing time these days Jungle gets drunk while in the hospital
Published 04/21/20
Russ and Jim get former NHL enforcer Kelly Chase on the line and give him the floor for 90 minutes. You're about to get speed-bagged by absolute hilarity from start to finish: An incredible story about meeting Gordie Howe. Rooming with Bobby Hull one evening after a night out. Dressing room gags and so much more. Enjoy!
Published 04/14/20
Marty McSorley gets the award for taking down Russ Oprah! Donation Boom Kelly Chase and Chris Chelios tie for the Ripper award. Humboldt Broncos Russ's streak of 44 consecutive shows with this in his hand. Jimmy gets the best effort award. It was never gonna work.
Published 04/07/20
Life of a college hockey player. Lawton Courtnall stops by and got in some trouble in his sophomore year and...well, Russ was a crazy coach !! Habs' player Jeff Petry and his wife step up and do a wonderful thing for frontline workers. Remember annoying flamboyant Larry Ryckman, owner of the Calgary Stampeders? Jimmy put him in his place. A hilarious gag Marty McSorley pulled on a loudmouth dude. Russ tells us how the Russians kept beating teams for 4 years straight. Russ hates trivia so...
Published 03/30/20
An hour with Ty Gretzky, Wayne's oldest son. Yes, we cover it all!
Published 03/30/20
So many great stories of sports figures stepping up and helping others. Kid Rock's generosity at a Courtnall event. How one player handled guys running their star. Tie Domi absolutely rips a star player.
Published 03/24/20
The boys forge ahead to take everyone's mind off things if only for a few minutes. AND...a huge guest comes on at the end of the show!
Published 03/17/20
How did Russ end up at The Masters and meet the people he did? And he got into Butler cabin! All Hail the Women! An NHL team takes a break and goes to Banff...lock up everything and everybody you know!! Russ's angle on what the NHL should do about the Coronavirus. A new category for the Hall of Fame?
Published 03/11/20
The boys kinda play it straight this week with talk of NHL rule changes. Guys poppin' off in the media... An NHL head coach who could've gotten a scholarship in a different sport. Ok, not that serious Russ was seconds away, literally, from becoming a Detroit Red Wing. How long would it take you to drink a case of beer? Russ has insight on his friend Bobby Ryan, who came back from the NHLPA assistance program and had an incredible night on the ice. Not much sympathy for Joe Thornton who...
Published 03/04/20
The NHL Trade deadline is an awful time for players but teammates can be cruel. Bobby Ryan speaks out about his problem with alcohol and Russ talked to him the whole way through it. It ain't bragging if you can back it up. An athlete so hated but so good. Rusty was put on the ice to run over a goaltender. Yes, on purpose. Hilarious speech by Mike Richter and an even funnier one by Kevin Bieksa.
Published 02/25/20
When Russ played you got away with saying anything you wanted to the refs. Kerry Fraser, for one, didn't do him any favours. Geoff Courtnall almost sets a bar on fire with this gag. Zack Kassian gets suspended 7 games for kicking a guy. Russ was ready to criticize him, until he remembered the time that he too kicked a guy.. How do you know if you have a good agent? The boys talk about Jeremy Roenick's termination on NBC Former great Peter Mahovlich comes to Jerome's defence, ready to...
Published 02/18/20
The Arizona Coyotes may be in trouble with off ice issues. Head coaches of dynasties - do they get the respect they deserve? Are you sure you'd like to be a celebrity in the limelight? Rusty had dinner with a guy whose job it is to ruin people's lives. A former NFL player wins an Oscar. Hockey players with exceptional other talents. Yes, there are some! Jerome thought it would be a good idea to go sit in a booth with Mariah Carey. Bad idea Bruce Springsteen, in a bar without an...
Published 02/12/20