Russ is hosting a party at his place while a PGA event is going on just a few feet away. With NHL Free agency in full swing, Russ talks about his experiences as a free agent. Russ was at a family dinner at a high end restaurant when the champion Lakers walked in. This week is the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens firing GM Serge Savard and Coach Jacques Demers. They brought in Rejean Houle as GM and Mario Tremblay as Head Coach. How much did all that change the course of history...
Published 10/21/20
Arizona Coyotes head coach Rick Tocchet joins us and crushes it with some amazing stories. • The time he and Cam Neely drank with actor Dennis Leary and got an amazing, unique souvenir out of it • How Craig Berube, when he was still an enforcer, had an amazing strategy for slowing down opponents who started running around • How Rick got a MAJOR surprise when he tried to console Paul Coffey • Memories of Dale Hawerchuk and playing in the 1987 Canada Cup • Rick played with AND coached...
Published 10/14/20
On this week's episode, Both Jim and Russ have hilarious stories about encounters with NHL Commissioner Garry Bettman. Russ has a guy in mind who should be actually handing out the Stanley Cup instead of Bettman. With the NHL draft being held this week, Russ looks back on his NHL draft memories when he was taken 7th overall. The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League is adding much harsher penalties to players who fight. Russ says there might be consequences if the NHL ever goes that direction and...
Published 10/07/20
What do Pat Flatley, Shane Churla, Ryan Walter, Gary Bettman, Bill Gates, Joe Montana, and Rick Bowness all have in common? They all made their way into the podcast ! Russ made Churla cry. Jimmy got man handled by Mariah Carey's security team. Pound for pound Kenny Linesman was the toughest guy out there. Wait til you hear Jon Coopers background. What are all those coaches doing behind the bench and upstairs? Russ says there are too many of them. Jerome doesn't know how to gamble.
Published 09/30/20
Today, Jim and Russ look back at Canada's incredible roster the 1987 Canada Cup. Russ has a hilarious story about a buddy who pranked him making him think he'd been invited to play for that team. Russ' Revenge was sweet. Russ is not very programming or computer savvy. Not much for meetings either. Alex Ovechkin likes the celly maybe a little too much? Pat Maroon is a great guy with a great goal celebration. Russ isn't a fan of those Carolina Hurricane post game cellys. Russ has some...
Published 09/23/20
Rusty may have a dilemma. He played for Dallas and Tampa coach Jon Cooper is a friend but what an interesting story he is. What are guys like come playoffs? Russ used to hang with a First Lady. Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians blames Tom Brady for some mistakes during their opening game loss... Did he do the right thing? Serge Savard had something to say about behaviour during the anthem. How is the NHL going to handle social injustice in months and years to come. There are lap...
Published 09/16/20
A guy wins $15 million this week! Let's talk about that ! Jimmy says the money just keeps going up and up and up in the sports world and will keep going. Russ says, "Not so fast, partner." A lot of people say Courtnall's friend Steve Nash getting the NBA head job in Brooklyn is unfair. Rusty absolutely disagrees The head coach of the Dallas Stars says nobody has any idea how absolutely difficult it is to play with Covid restrictions. A drop dead funny interview with an old timer and the...
Published 09/09/20
The boys talk about the impenetrable bond that hockey players have and when the chips are down they'll do anything for a guy. Russ read his own press clippings one day and then took on the the poor reporter who wrote the story. There are 2 days in Courtnall's life that completely changed the course of his future. If you could pick, what sport would you want your kid to play? What's the hardest thing a pro athlete has to deal with when he makes the big leagues ? A bar...a pool...
Published 09/02/20
Rusty has a friend! Steve Lowery drops in and talks about his days on the tour, winning 3 times - all playoff victories! He still loves the game but thinks there should be some changes. Some hilarious antics by Payne Stewart and the best mispronunciation of a name ever! You're gonna love the rule he has with the regular foursome he plays with. Playing in the days of Tiger Woods.
Published 08/26/20
Playoffs baby! Russ gives us his thoughts and picks. Is Covid going to change Russ's life after things calm down? What's it like watching hockey with guys who played in the NHL? What lengths have people gone to trying to meet their favourite player and...what have players done beyond the call of duty to surprise fans? Russ will get you tickets for any game you want! Russ had a chat with Shaquille O'Neal about fighting. Jimmy out for a stroll late one night...more like early one...
Published 08/19/20
What's with all the coaches behind the bench? Russ isn't sure what they do. What happens inside the room when a player is off his game. Slow down rookie or it'll cost you! Playoffs aren't quite up to speed yet with enough grit. Russ talks about growing up without a father. Jimmy and Russ both think sports shouldn't be used as a platform for social injustice.
Published 08/05/20
Former Leaf Eddie Shack passes away. Russ tell some stories about him. Russ talks about his first NHL fight and it was against a superstar What will the level of play be like in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Why goalies are all different but some are a little "out there". NHL players tend to invest in restaurant and horses. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is a big hit with Russ who shares a hilarious story Russ has some interesting thoughts on John Tortorella and Scotty Bowman
Published 07/29/20
Russ shows up with a surprise guest. Former MLB star and 2 time World Series Champion Pat Burrell. Burrell tells us stuff he's never told anyone before. The boys tackle many questions from listeners. Which ump/ref did you hate? The fights they had. Trouble they got in breaking curfew. Why did they retire? Drinking during games! How they handled members of the media they didn't like. Endorsement deals. Would you rather have a championship ring or be in The Hall of Fame ? And tons of other...
Published 07/22/20
• Russ describes an incredible story about a Habs teammate who showed to practice badly hungover. You won't believe what Pat Burns did about it. • The boys talk NHL coaching and Russ tells some great stories about run-ins with 3 of his former NHL head coaches, saying that one of them was a jerk to him. Another one actually slashed his players when they were slacking at practice. • Russ remembers the feeling of being just 2 victories away winning the Stanley Cup. • Why Russ wasn't exactly...
Published 07/15/20
Russ gives us the ins and outs of negotiating contracts and how some bad luck left a lot of money on the table ..how much he made and advice for young NHL'ers An absolutely riveting story about retired player Gary Nylund and how he put his own life on the line to safe someone else's Did players really smoke in the dressing room during games? He loved his linemate Kostopolous. The Pat Mahomes contract The NHL's Return to Play plan All this and much ! Much more !!
Published 07/08/20
We were delayed with the holiday but Jim still wanted to quickly say hello and assure you that a new show is coming up Wednesday morning!
Published 07/07/20
You do not want to room with Russ on the road. Just ask Brian Skrudland or Ray Ferraro. Yes, Courtnall got thrown in jail and should've again for the golf cart stunt. What's up with the draft lottery? It's stupid! Russ has so many remarkable experiences from hockey but probably his favourite happened when he was 10 years old. Which 3 cities have the craziest fans ? Kevin Lowe gets into the Hall of Fame but certainly not for this move he pulled on our boy Rusty. Jimmy finally with a fresh joke !
Published 06/30/20
We tackle the very disturbing story about abusive hazing that happened with Daniel Carcillo in his junior days in 2002 What's the role of the coach with players away from the game ? These are tough days but Russ tells a hilarious story from a party he was at What does Tony Robbins have to do with Lars Eller's Stanley cup winning goal? Jimmys going on a date! At least he thinks it's a date
Published 06/23/20
Live sports came back and the competitors played better. No fans, no problem! The boys agree the Michael Jordan doc is the best...ever! Russ wins a lot of money golfing and so did Jimmy. Who doesn't like a good rookie camp story? Fights and all.
Published 06/16/20
The boys sit down with Russ's brother Geoff Courtnall and he covers it all .. His life and hockey career...a Stanley Cup champ. The brothers rise to NHL'ers. A coach with his own kids on the team. Suspensions What knocked him out of the game. His battle with some very dark days. Philanthropy And some absolute hilarity
Published 06/09/20
Russ Courtnall knows first hand what it's like to be a victim of racism and on this show he tells us of his children, his wife and how all of them have experienced this total injustice and...he's had enough!
Published 06/03/20
Russ plays golf with a couple of mega stars and has dinner with another one. Yes, there's going to be a 3 on 3 professional hockey league. Think it'll work ? The NHL is going to have some sort of season this year. Lessons Courtnall learned from the greats of the game. Some pro players are happy with average.
Published 05/27/20
It's our 50th show and WAYNE GRETZKY joins Russ and Jim this week! The Great One talks candidly about: • What makes him nervous • Advice for parents with kids • The stunt he pulled on Mike Weir • His dad Walter • Brett Hull • Paul Henderson • Dustin Johnson • His kids • Janet Gretzky • The Prime Minister • Kid Rock And much, much more...!
Published 05/19/20
Russ gives us a list of the best trips he's been on. NHL'er Brendan Leipsic carves up a bunch of players and wives on social media...not good. Jimmy's mother was priceless. Rick Tocchet is the brunt of merciless jokes. Russ gives us his stand up comic routine. And the answer to: Which team is going to be in trouble when the NHL fires back up?
Published 05/12/20
The boys disagree about hockey coming back. Jimmy needs tricks as he ticks off the years. Signs you need to retire. Roger Neilson found loopholes in the rules so they had to change them. and...RUSS GOT NAKED ON A GOLF COURSE!
Published 05/05/20