The Trial of Lucy Letby, Episode 23: The Triplets, Part One: Baby O, “Everything seemed to be going well for the triplets. It was never explained to us how this sudden downturn happened.”
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In this episode Caroline and Liz examine what the prosecution say happened to Baby O, the first of two identical triplets allegedly murdered by Lucy Letby at the end of June 2016. The nurse is accused of killing the brothers by injecting air into their tummies and bloodstreams on successive shifts after she returned from a holiday to Ibiza. Follow The Trial of Lucy Letby on Twitter @LucyLetbyTrial See for privacy information.
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In this episode Caroline and Liz explain what Lucy Letby said when questioned by the prosecution about four of the alleged victims in the case - Baby E, Baby G, Baby H and Baby I. They discuss how she denies ‘cooking’ or faking medical notes to cover her tracks and attacking babies soon after...
Published 05/29/23
Published 05/22/23
In this episode Caroline and Liz explain what happened in court when the prosecution began questioning Lucy Letby for the first time. They discuss how she believes a ‘gang of four’ hospital consultants were out to get her, and blame her for the sudden collapses and deaths of babies to cover up...
Published 05/22/23