Host Adharanand Finn has some big news to share about his next book, which leads him to take on a 24-hour track race, with some help from top ultra runner and coach Robbie Britton. Music: Starfrosch
Published 10/10/21
Rosie Swale-Pope MBE talks to Adharanand Finn about her many running adventures, including her record-breaking run around the entire world. Produced by @IAmTheHow. Music: Starfrosch.
Published 07/15/21
Adharanand Finn talks to one of the greatest track runners of all-time, Sonia O’Sullivan, the winner of three world titles and an Olympic silver medal during her glittering career. She is now coaching athletes in the US in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. Produced by @IAmTheHow. Music: Starfrosch.
Published 06/10/21
Adharanand Finn talks FKTs, being an inspiring parent, the hero complex and writing books about running with one of the world’s toughest ultra runners, Damian Hall, who holds the record on the UK’s 268-mile Pennine Way and has finished fifth at the UTMB, the most prestigious race in the trail ultra running world. His book In It For The Long Run was published in May 2021. Find him on Instagram: @ultra_damo Produced by @IAmTheHow. Music: Starfrosch.
Published 05/05/21
Adharanand Finn talks barefoot running, epic challenges and dung beetles with comedian Eddie Izzard, while Jae Gruenke teaches us how Feldenkrais can help you to run better. In January 2021, Eddie Izzard ran 31 marathons on a treadmill in 31 days to Make Humanity Great again. Jae Gruenke is an expert in running form and a Feldenkrais practitioner at www.balancedrunner.com Produced by @IAmTheHow. Music: Starfrosch.
Published 03/24/21
Michael Crawley is the author of the brilliant new book on Ethiopian running, Out of Thin Air. A 2:20 marathon runner and an anthropologist, Michael spent 15 months embedded with a group of top Ethiopian athletes, running with them, eating their food and sleeping in the lodgings. Out of Thin Air is a fascinating exploration of one of the world’s most incredible, yet largely unknown, sporting cultures. Michael is on Twitter @mphcrawley . Produced by @IAmTheHow. Music: Starfrosch. 
Published 02/09/21
Jasmin Paris shot to global attention in January 2019 when she beat the first male finisher by almost 15 hours in the brutal 268-mile Spine ultramarathon. She has also set records on the Bob Graham Round, The Paddy Buckley Round and the Ramsay Round, won the World Sky Running Series and twice won the British hill running championships. She talks about dealing with the media attention, the joy of moving light and fast in the mountains, and about her future plans. Produced: @IAmTheHow. Music:...
Published 12/31/20
Jon Ronson is the author of numerous bestselling books, and was played by Ewan McGregor in the film of his book The Men Who Stare At Goats. He started running 10 years ago when he saw a picture of himself standing next to George Clooney and thought he needed to get in shape. Barely a day has past since that he hasn’t gone out running. He tells us why he can’t stop, why he will never run a race, and how running feeds into his creative process. Produced: @IAmTheHow. Music: Starfrosch 
Published 10/28/20
Zach Miller is one of the world’s best and most exciting ultra runners with a string of impressive victories, but he is most loved for his all-out, no-holds-barred style of running, setting off in ultra marathons like they’re 5K burn-ups, sometimes winning, and sometimes failing. Zach tells us about his ultra running breakthrough while working on a cruise ship, living for 5 years off-grid halfway up a mountain, and the appeal of pushing yourself into oblivion... Produced @IAmTheHow Music...
Published 08/07/20
Part two of our conversation with 2:06 marathon runner Abdi Nageeye, in which he talks about the best piece of advice Eliud Kipchoge ever gave him, the reason why doping is such a big problem in Kenya, and his love of blues music. Produced @IAmTheHow Music Starfrosch
Published 05/31/20
Abdi Nageeye, born in Mogadishu in Somalia, not once, but twice escaped civil war to seek a new life in the Netherlands. He now lives & trains with the great Eliud Kipchoge in Kenya & is the Dutch record holder in the half marathon and marathon, with a best time of 2hrs 6mins. Here he tells of his traumatic early life, how it made him who is today & how he discovered his running talent by accident as an 18-year-old soccer player trying to stay in shape over the summer. Produced...
Published 05/30/20
Part two of our conversation with top ultra runner Beth Pascall, in which she talks about the joy of running hundreds of miles at a time, how she accidentally made the British team for the world 24-hour championships, and the amazing restorative power of a one-minute nap. Keep up with Beth Pascall by following her on Instagram: @beth_pascall - Produced by IAmTheHow : music from starfrosch Deadfro5h Remix Kit Dysfunction_AL & Kalte Ohren ( Remix ) (ft. Starfrosch, Kara Square)
Published 03/11/20
Beth Pascall has finished in the top four in both of the world’s most prestigious trail ultra marathons, the Western States 100 in the US, and the UTMB in Europe. She is also a doctor, but this year is taking some time out from work to concentrate on her running. Here she talks about training with her dog, how she started out in ultra running and her childhood obsession with hiking across Dartmoor. (IAmTheHow with starfrosch Deadfro5h Remix Kit Dysfunction_AL & Kalte Ohren ft....
Published 03/11/20
Part two of our conversation with four-time world Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington, in which she tells us about life after retirement, missing the intensity and the highs of elite-level sport, and of her recent and intriguing foray into ultra running. Produced by IAmTheHow : music from starfrosch : Deadfro5h Remix Kit Dysfunction_AL : Kalte Ohren ( Remix ) (ft. Starfrosch, Kara Square)
Published 02/12/20
A genuine legend in the world of endurance sport, Chrissie Wellington became Ironman world champion on her first attempt just eight months after taking up the sport of triathlon. She went on to win every Ironman she ever competed, including three further world titles. We find out how she got started in the sport, and how she dealt with doubt, pain and setbacks during races. Produced by IAmTheHow : music from starfrosch Deadfro5h Remix Kit Dysfunction_AL & Kalte Ohren ( Remix ) (ft....
Published 02/12/20
Adharanand introduces the all-new The Way of the Runner podcast series in a short chat with his producer Dave Clarke on a wet morning in south Devon. He explains how the podcast is an extension of his books, and talks about some of the guests lined up for future episodes. He also explains the show’s tie-in with TRIBE, who are generously sponsoring the series. Produced by IAmTheHow : music from Dysfunction_AL : Kalte Ohren ( Remix ) (ft. Starfrosch, Kara Square)
Published 01/08/20
Join Ronnie O'Sullivan as he talks about his world as a snooker legend and his passion for running. With thanks to Tribe : Natural Sports Nutrition. A How Production with music from Kai Engel.
Published 12/11/19