Time flies! Cursed Princess Club by iamlambcat is one of our favorite webtoons, and it’s gearing up for its final season premiere on August 15th. We’re still on hiatus, but we wanted to do something special to celebrate anyway, so we're re-releasing our VERY FIRST podcast episode talking all about seasons 1 & 2! We hope you enjoy :)    Support the author: Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamlambcat  Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamlambcat  Patreon:...
Published 08/12/21
IT'S COMING BACK! Let's Play by mongrelmarie is returning from hiatus with season 3 on July 5th, and while we aren't returning to regular weekly episodes just yet, we wanted to share a re-edited version of our original season 2 review in anticipation of the new season 3 premiere. We can't wait, and we hope you can't either.     Support the author: Patreon: www.patreon.com/mongrelmarie Instagram: www.instagram.com/mongrelmarie Twitter: www.twitter.com/mongrelmarie    Connect...
Published 07/05/21
We're not back from hiatus just yet, but enjoy this small bonus episode about the recent casting news from the Yumi's Cells Korean drama adaptation! Yumi's Cells is one of our favorites, and seeing it adapted will be interesting to see!   The full casting announcement: https://www.soompi.com/article/1466386wpp/shinees-minho-confirmed-to-make-special-appearance-in-kim-go-eun-and-ahn-bo-hyuns-new-drama    Kim Go Eun as Yumi Ahn Bo Hyun as Woong SHINee's Minho as Wook  Lee Yu Bi as...
Published 05/22/21
Hey all, we wanted to share that we’ll be taking a short hiatus. We’ll be back as soon as we can, and in the meantime, we’ll still be active and available on social media at:    TW: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 05/12/21
Hard to believe we're already at 90 episodes of Purple Hyacinth. And there are still more new twists and turns (and questions) to explore. Join us for our recap of episodes 86-90! Spoilers as always.   Follow the authors:  IG: www.instagram/ephemerys_ph  IG: www.instagram.com/deadsophism  Patreon: www.patreon.com/sophism   Follow us! IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom  Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom  Email: [email protected]
Published 05/07/21
Cursed Princess Club is one of our absolute favorite webtoons. Spoilers included for all of CPC!    Support the author: Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamlambcat  Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamlambcat  Patreon: www.patreon.com/iamlambcat    Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom  Instagram: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom  Gmail: [email protected]
Published 04/21/21
This week we've got something special for you all. We're revisiting Cursed Princess Club (from our very first podcast episode!) and we're joined by special guests...Lore OlymPOD!! SPOILER WARNING for all of Cursed Princess Club. Proceed at your will.   Follow the creator: Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamlambcat  Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamlambcat  Patreon: www.patreon.com/iamlambcat    Listen to Lore OlymPOD: https://apple.co/3n1N2lH Twitter: www.twitter.com/loreolympod  Instagram:...
Published 04/15/21
It was about time we had a series dedicated to all the CANVAS webtoons that we adore so much. This week we're highlighting: Castle of Glass, Lord Have Mercy, and The Dummy's Dummy. Join us as we sit down to chat about what we love so much about each of these picks, and why you should go read them too. Light spoilers ahead (but not too many).   Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom  IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 04/06/21
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Published 03/30/21
Drunken shenanigans, graveyard visits, and old promises... episodes 82-85 of Purple Hyacinth by Sophism and Ephemerys definitely took us for a trip. Join us today as we recap and discuss the ins and outs of each episode. Spoilers ahead! Listen to our last PH recap: https://spoti.fi/3siydgi    Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom  IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom  Email: [email protected]
Published 03/24/21
Welcome back to our latest edition of What We're Reading! This week's episode features an engaging vampire adventure, psychological mysteries, and some fantastic CANVAS reads. No spoilers as always.   Timestamps: 00:44 - Defects 5:55 - Dr. Frost 8:30 - Romance 101 12:18 - Unholy Blood 18:29 - Marry Me! 21:10 - She Sells Sunshine 24:33 - Of Swamp & Sea 26:05 - Humor Me   29:39 - misc webtoons including Rise from Ashes - still loving it Urban Animal's S3 finale Nice to Meet You S1...
Published 03/17/21
Hey folks, we're sorry to come at you with another break. Unfortunately, we need the time and break to recover from real life. We'll be back with our regular episodes on March 16th. Thank you all for your understanding and support.
Published 03/03/21
Lots of brooding, bonding, and bantering in these latest episodes of Purple Hyacinth. We get a peek further behind the curtain of our character's pasts, as well as some standout moments between our ships. Join us this week as we talk through all of the happenings in chapters 77-81 of Purple Hyacinth.   Follow the authors: www.instagram.com/deadsophism www.instagram.com/ephemerys_ph   Connect with us:  Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom  Instagram:...
Published 02/26/21
Hey all, unfortunately no new episode today. We'll hopefully be back next week!In the meantime, feel free to enjoy our older episodes, or connect with us online:  Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 02/16/21
Webtoon adaptations have been a hot topic recently (see our Sweet Home bonus episode), and WEBTOON's announcement of adaptations for Yumi's Cells, Omniscient Reader, The Remarried Empress, Nano List, and Your Letter has only fueled that fire.  This week we go into our take on what these adaptions will look like and what's to come. NO SPOILERS for any of these series. Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 02/13/21
Hey all, this week got a little busy for us so we were unable to share a full episode, but we did want to leave you guys with a little something. We hope you enjoy these bonus episodes discussing some of the interesting news that WEBTOON has released in the past few months. Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 02/09/21
CW: Self-image/confidence, trauma, sexual assault and trauma, narcissistic parents and abuse, grief and lossThis episode may be harder to listen to than others, so take care friends. Today, we're talking about webtoon stories that talk about very real, sensitive topics. These webtoons stories, besides being wonderful reads to escape into, are impactful in the best way — by sharing important life lessons and validating our lived human experiences. Spoilers for all the following webtoons:3:15 -...
Published 02/02/21
What a chilly winter we're in for indeed. In the Bleak Midwinter just wrapped up its season 1 finale, and we're here to discuss all of the juicy happenings in this story of sci-fi androids and fated soulmates. Spoilers ahead.FINALE talk begins 34:25 Follow the authors:https://www.instagram.com/alleywaykat_https://www.instagram.com/tiredhermit Connect with us:Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail: [email protected]
Published 01/26/21
You know we love giving out these little bonuses for you when we can. This week we're discussing adaptations — Sweet Home's Korean drama adaptation. Is it any good? How does it stack up to the webtoon? Do we recommend it?We've got answers for all of these in today's episode. Connect with us:Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail: [email protected]
Published 01/23/21
From a historical comedy and mermaid romance to a laboratory slice of life, we've got quite the eclectic bunch of webtoon reads to welcome you into 2021. NO SPOILERS as always with our What We're Reading episodes, so listen at your pleasure. Timestamps:1:07 - Everywhere and Nowhere4:30 - Siren's Lament9:17 - Blood Stain11:41 - The Secrets of Soulford16:19 - Rise from Ashes 18:50 - The Shallows20:20 - Coconut Diaries Special shoutout to In the Bleak Midwinter as well, which just had its season...
Published 01/19/21
Things are getting JUICY folks!! Secrets are revealed and stakes are heightened in these latest episodes of Purple Hyacinth by Sophism and Ephemerys. We've gotten some answers, but we're left with a LOT more questions. Sit down with us as we analyze and deep dive all the latest happenings. SPOILERS as always.Follow the authors: https://www.instagram.com/deadsophismhttps://www.instagram.com/ephemerys_ph Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG:...
Published 01/14/21
We're revisiting an old favorite this week, talking about the recently concluded season 2 of I'm the Grim Reaper by Graveweaver. Spoilers ahead!Follow the author:www.instagram.com/grave_weaverwww.twitter.com/grave_weaver Connect with us:Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail: [email protected]
Published 01/06/21
WE'RE BACK! A full episode will be going up on Tuesday, but we hope you enjoy this snippet we did about some of our webtoon reads over the holidays as a small bonus. We've got a lot in store for 2021, and can't wait to share it with you all. Happy New Year! Webtoons mentioned: :51 - Shiloh4:15 - The Gentle Way9:31 - Not So Shoujo Love Story 12:29 - Yumi's Cells16:11 - Silent Screams Connect with us:Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail:...
Published 01/04/21
Hey folks, there will be no new podcast episodes this week and next. Will and I are taking some time off to be with family and have a short break. We will return with new episodes starting January 5th. See you in 2021!Connect with us:Email: [email protected] Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheWebtoonRoom IG: www.instagram.com/TheWebtoonRoom
Published 12/24/20
Circus date turned foul, side character spotlight, and mixed motivations, of course, it's Purple Hyacinth by Sophism and Ephemerys. This week we're recapping episodes 66-71. Spoilers (obviously) included. Follow the authors:https://www.instagram.com/deadsophismhttps://www.instagram.com/ephemerys_phConnect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail: [email protected]
Published 12/17/20