#140 - The truth about Dairy with Leo Wik
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If you don't follow Leo, follow him....he post's the funniest things. His posts are super entertaining and educational. Leo is a trainer in LA, and I love his content so much that I thought it’d be fun to talk about dairy with him and all the misconceptions around it. Back in the day, I thought I was being healthy by cutting dairy from my diet....I also went through a stage where I made my own almond milk 🤣 what a bloody ball ache that was! In this episode, Leo and I discuss: ➡️How dairy became so demonised ➡️Why is dairy good for us ➡️Why oat and almond milk aren’t good substitutes for dairy ➡️How almond milk is actually bad for the environment ➡️Lactose intolerance ➡️Why you need to start slowly if you haven’t consumed dairy for while And more! Join our 7 Day Eat More, Train Less, Get Results Challenge Learn more about our 16 week Winatlife Accelerator Program: Book your call Follow: Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield Leo Wik @iamleowik SHOW NOTES 05:07 - Oat Milk and Almond Milk popularity 06:01 - Why dairy substitutes are not good substitutes 06:25 - Brief background of Leo Wik 10:58 - Why dairy has become demonised 14:09 - Why is dairy is good for us 15: 32 - Low fat dairy and added vitamins 19:14 - Overconsumption of fat 24:20 - How almond milk industry is actually bad for the environment 25:45 - Lactose intolerance 28:23 - Why you need to start slowly if you haven’t consumed dairy for while 30:13 - Some factors that affect your bodies ability to tolerate dairy 32:55 - Why it's what you do most of the time 34:42 - How to improve your digestion if its compromised and you're stressed 37:19 - Better animal milk substitutes
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